Knitting Ninja

For real. I totally pulled off the most bad-ass knitting move of my entire knitting life so far.

So, picture the Giant-Size Man-Sweater as it was yesterday afternoon: body done, sleeves joined, yoke finished, saddles grafted, AND a left button band/shawl collar. Ready to start the buttonhole band, I double-checked on the buttons I wanted to use, making sure Dan and I both really liked them. We both agreed we really liked them, which is good, because having to buy new buttons would likely mean the sweater would not be done in time (it’s due next Wednesday). Then I checked them against the one buttonhole already in the sweater (the button bands are worked along with the hem for the first few inches, then left on holders until the body is done, so the first buttonhole is done way at the very beginning of this sweater) to make sure a 2-stitch buttonhole will work before I take and go and make 4 more of them.

And a 2-stitch buttonhole will NOT work, it turns out. First thought: Not a problem, I’ll just make 3-stitch buttonholes. Good on me for thinking ahead! Second thought: Wait, what? I already have a 2-stitch buttonhole here, so what’s gonna happen, he won’t be able to button the first button? And then, I swear, you guys, do you know what I did? Without even thinking about it, I took the middle 4 stitches off the waste yarn and unraveled 2 inches’ worth of garter stitch that was totally attached to the rest of the sweater and could’ve ruined everything, cast off an extra stitch, then picked back up and re-knit that entire 2 inches of garter stitch.

Like some kind of goddamn superhero.

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