Long Weekend? Long Weekend!

I’ve taken a long weekend for Dan’s birthday and for mine every year since I’ve been at a job that gives me paid time off (cranky as I get at my current job, I still don’t miss you, Barnes & Noble). I’ve never been huge into birthday celebrations, but it’s a convenient excuse for a long weekend, one that nobody questions, and our birthdays are nicely spaced within the year.

My long birthday weekend begins today at 4:31 and, let me tell you, I could not be more excited. I’ve been in a stress/red wine/migraine/crankiness/crying cycle lately. I’m not huge into those, either. A lot of that is just because I haven’t been taking care of myself very well. So, I plan for this weekend to be a little kick-start – cook some healthy food, do yoga every day, sleep until I wake up instead of until I just can’t stand the snooze button anymore. Sunday I’ll finish off my long weekend teaching my last yoga class until at least the Spring and with a little meet-up with some friends.

Today seems like the perfect day to start a long weekend. It’s gray and rainy. I hope it’s chilly when I get outside. This is actually just the kind of weather that makes me happy.

More later about why Sunday is my last yoga class for now and why I’m feeling pretty all right about that.

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