Lovely Presents

It’s been a very lovely Xmas weekend so far.

There were presents from my husband:

  • One of my favorite movies
  • A box set of rarities/live recordings/etc. by my favoritest band
  • A copy of Artisan Bread1 in 5 Minutes a Day
  • A Knit Picker2
  • A Namaste Hermosa bag3
  • 2 skeins of DiC Smooshy in Green Lantern4 with a 3rd on the way.

There were presents from my in-laws, including:

  • A tackle box to keep my knitting notions in, along with some notions to fill it.
  • Canning jars, a boiling water canner, a book on canning, and repeated reminders that my mother-in-law loves bread and butter pickles.
  • A gift certificate to the yarn store, which opens at 10:30 today.

There were presents for my in-laws, including some more little sweaters:

Dan's take on the sweaters...

...and his father's.

The bread book is going to come in very handy now that I have the pantry share I bought as part of the CSA program we joined for the winter. Sort of a little present to us and our grocery budget. There is so much flour (and corn meal, popcorn, beans, jam, pickles, syrup…) in my cabinets right now.

But just about the most exciting thing going on right now is that I still have a week off to play with all my new toys.

After I get home from the yarn store.

[1] Not Brad! stop typing Brad, Randi!

[2] I’m-a learn that thing where you can install a zipper with one of these so I never have to learn to sew.

[3] !!!

[4] Remember the Wonder Woman Jumper? Yeah, I’m totally not that ambitious, but I’ve still had this vague notion of a Green Lantern Sweater in my head ever since.

8 thoughts on “Lovely Presents

  1. I like that Dan specifically bought you yarn named after a comic character.
    The tiny sweaters are great! I want to sew ornaments for xmas next year. Sewing machine’s still broken, but I’ve been hand sewing. I enjoy it, but it takes so long compared to machine!

    1. I had a few sweater quantities on my wishlist, but somehow I knew this was the one he would gravitate towards. I just need to find a similar yarn in white and black, and I’m soooo ready to make my GL sweater!

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