Making More Plans

I have come into possession of some more yarn that was looking to be re-homed. As it came to me without labels, I did some detective work on it this morning. (Knitting Rules is most helpful on this particular subject.)

It smelled like wool and felt like a fingering weight but just to be safe, first I weighed.

696.29 grams

Then I wrapped.

17 wpi

Then I burned.

Mmm, burning hair.

Then I measured and weighed again.

10 yds = 3.5 grams

I can say with some confidence that I have just over 1989 yds of fingering weight, 3-ply wool, which really, really wants to be a cardigan.

But which cardigan? I’m thinking maybe Austin Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio. Possibly Candelia by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. And I can’t explain why, but I’m feeling a strong urge to knit Myrtle by Snowden Becker even though I’m convinced I would not like how it looks on me.

Decisions, decisions.

8 thoughts on “Making More Plans

  1. so, I like either of the first two patterns, but like you am not so sure about #3 .. my neck is always cold and so I like having something up over it .. i.e. #1 .. <3

  2. I would definitely have to do some modifications on Myrtle to be happy with how it looks on me. I would lengthen the body to start with – all the project pictures on Ravelry look much shorter than I like my tops. I’m also worried about it looking boxy and busy all at once, but I see a few folks have taken the just-one-button approach, letting the sweater fall open, which breaks up that effect a little. Since you’d have to wear a shirt under this anyway, I think that might be the way to go. Of course, the Austin Hoodie would need no mods at all, and I would probably just add long sleeves to Candelia. Hmm…good thing I already have my next 5 or 6 sweaters queued up, so there’s plenty of time to decide on this one.

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