More Food Blogging…

…for I have so much food to blog about.

Last week’s CSA share had beets, bok choy (I made fried rice!), tatsoi, 2 summer squash, 5 grilling eggplants, 3 cucumbers, 2 white & 1 red onion, new potatoes, and 2 heads of lettuce. Oh, and basil. Purple basil. You know what purple basil means? It means there’s purple pesto in my freezer right now. PURPLE PESTO!

But this week. This week is the week to talk about. Oh, boy, this week! This week looks like this:

I bought the tomatoes, 1/2 the potatoes, the garlic, and one of the peppers. The share itself had 2 bulbs of fennel, beets, white onions, 1 hot pepper, 1 large eggplant, 3 squash, a (yellow!) cucumber, and romano beans. This is already more than half gone. I’m hoping it lasts us until Wednesday but this week may just have been too delicious not to eat it all up right away. A good portion of the fennel, onions, garlic, pepper, and tomato went into The Best Pizza I Have Ever Made, Thank You.

I think tonight the rest of the fennel, onions, and garlic might get sautéed with the eggplant and squash and draped over some pasta. In fact, now I’m not entirely sure I want to have to make it through a whole day before I can eat that. It sounded really good.

This weekend I also filled the freezer with these calzones, these cinnamon rolls, 3 trays of baked ziti made with the leftover calzone filling, and some black beans with onion and chipotle, and I made celery salt and iced coffee (I scaled the recipe down to use 5 quarts of water since I had a 10-oz bag of coffee). Scrambled eggs with celery salt, a cinnamon roll, and iced coffee for breakfast are making it a little easier to get to work this week.

I would give you a knitting update, but you’ve all seen a million sock toes that don’t look any bigger than the last time you saw the same sock toe, and I still haven’t brought myself to wind up the next skein of Eco+ to continue with Aidez. I’m starting to feel the urge again on the Eco+, though – knitting it, not winding it – so I might have to just be disciplined about it all tonight, I guess. Somebody needs to buy me a jumbo ball winder. I don’t know why there aren’t more people in my life who just send me presents ’cause they think I’m awesome. I need to find some people like that.

4 thoughts on “More Food Blogging…

    1. Thank you! That’s so nice of you to say.

      If your daughter doesn’t already have them, I’d say get her a copy of How To Cook Everything – or How To Cook Everything Vegetarian – both by Mark Bittman. His instructions are fool-proof and, actually, I think his cookbooks just make good readin’ whether you’re cooking or not.

      I’m finding just being in the CSA program is making me more creative than ever, though. I don’t plan dinners ahead anymore, since I never know quite what I’m getting each week. I just take a look at it all when I get home with it and see what I feel inspired to do.

    1. If there’s one thing the world needs more of, it’s definitely purple pesto. Also, this week I got purple carrots. There’s so much purple food in the world I didn’t know about. It’s like I’m on this amazing journey.

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