More Yarn Tribbles, and a Call For Swaps

Hey, did you know my primary love language is Acts of Service? That’s a true story about me. Anyways, what do you do with the things you know you won’t use, or with the things you’ve been meaning to use forever but don’t want to admit that you probably won’t? What’s your threshold for declaring something in need of a good home, or at least in need of getting out of your sight permanently? For me, it has always largely depended on how much storage space I have. As a rule, if it’s not taking up room I desperately need for something I love/need/use more, then it stays where I put it. But lately, even with all the space I have these days, when I come across the things that don’t fall into the love/need/use categories I only feel a serious need to get them sorted out ASAP. They are not doing me a service and therefore don’t truly love me, and anything that doesn’t truly love me should go and seek a better life elsewhere. Or at least speak up and tell me what the hell I should knit with it already.


I spent a good amount of time last week in the yarn bins, looking for something it turns out we probably lost in the move last year.



Why I can lose actually useful things but this sort of nonsense remains is beyond me.


At least it was a good opportunity to sort things better. I now have a bin of yarn for the Etsy shop; a bin of lace weight, sock yarn and other stuff for already planned projects; and a “sport and heavier” bin. In the process, I came across a bunch of stuff that brought up that “something needs to be done about this NOW” feeling. I’ve already shown you how I handled the problem of the old Noro-and-Patons blanket that was never gong to be finished. I’m pleased to report I also redid the body on Francis Revisited and got it to an acceptable length. Now I just need to figure out how I want to finish the sleeves, and I’ll have a nice warm squishy cowl-neck sweater in time for summer.



I feel like I have mostly knit with worsted or fingering weight for the bulk of my knitting career, but I do seem to have a weensy collection of neutral-ish sportweight scraps building up. Maybe these need to be a shawl? If I felt like I was likely to add to this group in the near-ish future, I’d probably start another scrap blanket, but I should probably go for the option that might see me actually finish a thing.



Some lovely soft aran weight with varying degrees of silk and cashmere just begging to become a cowl. The gray was a Sophie and the red was a pair of commissioned mitts and both were in my very first Etsy sale, but the Natural Silk Aran has been just sort of floating for like 6 years or something, until I happened to pull it out of the bin alongside the others.  I am nearly ready to cast this on, actually. It’s calling to me.



This is a Very Tall Sock I knit way back in my earliest knitting days when I was first thinking about socks but not quite ready for the skinny yarn and skinny needles deal. I knit one, it didn’t fit right, I never knit another. I don’t have the inclination to unravel it — unraveling stripes is worse even than weaving in ends when it comes to knitting chores, in my opinion — nor the heart to throw it away. We already have Christmas stockings. I have no idea what to do with this besides just move it from bin to bin every few years as I come across it. I am showing it to you so its existence will at least be recognized for this one brief moment.



I liked these colors together and was playing around with a sort of color/texture block idea, but then I ran out of yarn and interest at the same time and I don’t even know what to tell you about that. I’m thinking about felting this and cutting it up into coasters. I need more coasters.


I’ve had this skein of laceweight wound double-stranded sitting around for years waiting to become legwarmers. I can’t quite envision what I want them to be like, I’ve never knit legwarmers, and every pattern I look at feels wrong. I’m open to suggestions for a good legwarmer pattern/what I should do with this instead. (It is most certainly staying doubled, though, whatever I do with it.)



Sometimes it’s kind of exciting to go through the bins like this and get new ideas about old yarn. Sometimes you just have to admit there are no new ideas to be had. I’ve got a few other things hanging around waiting for someone to love them. Maybe that someone is you? Sale or trade, some or all, whatever you like, hit me up. Value given in current average-ish (like, I looked through the first “will trade or sell” page to see what most folks are doing?) Ravelry prices. I’ve got basic sale/trade info and a bit of a wishlist here, though what I probably want more than anything right now is more minis for the blanket because I know we are not far off from it taking over my life again for a while. Let’s say a 100-gram skein of sock yarn goes for about $20, that makes your average 5-gram mini worth $1, right? So, we can use that as our unit of currency. I mean, all that being said, I’m pretty flexible on yarn trades. Make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do.



This is leftovers from a recent secret project that I finished a long time ago and am dreadfully late in delivering to its recipient and man what even is my problem with that? But anyways I have a bunch of Cascade 220 Superwash in pastel fruity colors and…I can’t imagine using these again. (The few darker colors peeking out are sport weight and there’s about 20 g each of raspberry, tangerine & whatever type of green they call 841, if anyone is interested.) (Also, I’ll wind it up neater before I send it.)

Value: looks like $8 per 100 g ball

I have:

  • 871 White – 87 g
  • 851 Lime – 2 full balls + 47 g in partials
  • 836 Pink Ice – 72 g in partials
  • 820 Lemon – 1 full ball
  • 826  Tangerine – 88 g in partials
  • 877 Golden – 1 full ball & 1 that’s about 5-6 g short of full



(Does anybody know why WordPress is rotating pictures sometimes and then refusing to rotate them back the right way lately? Not that it isn’t super fun, but I wouldn’t mind things being right way up if possible.)


One full (50 g) skein and 2 partials totalling 89 g of Knit Picks Shimmer in Galaxy. I can’t explain why I’m trading away purple yarn. I just know it needs to happen.

Value $5 per 50 g skein



One skein of KnitPicks Swish Bulky in Doe.

Value seems to vary wildly? Let’s say $7?



One skein of Cascade 220 in color 2415 Sunflower.

Value again, iffy, but how does $6 sound?


And finally a mostal of Cascade Eco + in 2452 Turtle. I also have a few little partials kicking around I believe.

Value $15 for a full 250 g skein, so, like, $12 for this?

Of course, if you have minis to swap, we can always do this the old-fashioned way too.


If you’ve swapped minis with me before, there’s a very high chance of repeats here, so keep that in mind, but I have added a few new yarns to the supply lately and I have more than enough to go around still.


I think that’s it for now. Leave me a comment or message me on Ravelry if you see something you like.



I’ll have some exciting stuff to show you about this in hopefully my next post, but in the meantime you should really check out the soxcetera podcast my friend Shannon hosts and then head over to the Ravelry group and check out the colorwork knitalong. Everyone’s projects are so amazing and I’m knitting with two hands and I never thought it would be possible and I am having THE BEST TIME!

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