Motivation, Thy Name is Aidez

So, Francis Revisited will get sleeves eventually, I promise you. Friday night, I thought about it a little and decided the reason I wasn’t too motivated to finish it was because it will be so long before I can wear it. It has a cowl neck and it’s 50% wool, it’s really hot here right now, and we only have a/c in the bedroom (which stays closed at all times), where I don’t usually knit. Clearly it just wasn’t the right time of year for that project. Time to find something a bit more seasonal.  So I started another sweater, this time in bulky 100% wool. Clearly that was the better choice.

Actually, it’s been a good idea so far. I’m tearing through this.

I originally planned on knitting the Drops 103 jacket that you’ve all seen a million places as my next sweater. I had 3 skeins of Cascade Eco+ set aside for it, but I was a little worried that all that stockinette and seed stitch and the cowl neck would be too like Francis Revisited and I’d end up in a rut again. I was ready to go ahead anyway, then Saturday morning I was checking out the latest finished projects on Ravelry and saw a little tiny thumbnail of a cushy looking, cabley cardigan and I thought, “Oh, OK, that is what I must knit. I must knit that right now,” before I’d even clicked through to see what the pattern was. Within a few hours I had printed the pattern, written out how I planned to convert it to one-piece construction, and was on my way.

Watch this space, folks. I think I’m about to make up for all the time I lost on sweater #3.

4 thoughts on “Motivation, Thy Name is Aidez

    1. This is my first cabled project on such a large scale. I’m amazed at both how quickly I’m going through the Eco + compared to the 2 other, stockinette sweaters I’ve knit with it, and just how quickly it’s knitting up. All those different stitch patterns to keep track of are actually making it more interesting, so I’m working on it longer and longer each time I sit down.

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