Much Better

Well. Let me tell you, friends. As much as I was hoping to be wearing a new sweater right around this time, I can’t say I’m even a little sorry that it worked out the way it did.

(This is my not sorry face.)

I think I would have loved this pattern anyway, but especially coming after an attempt at something far trickier (and in my mind quite unnecessarily so), this was exactly what I needed. You start with a few stitches and increase to a bunch, which is one of my favorite ideas in the world. The stripes show up just when you need a change and then you’re quickly back to long stretches of main-color TV knitting. It’s mostly a simple 6-row repeat with a few short-row sections and then a lace border. I’m someone who prefers a chart for lace, and this is written, but the edging pattern was only a 10-stitch repeat and it was easy to remember each row after the first few repeats.


When I started knitting, I wanted to make all the sweaters. But socks and I found each other pretty quickly and they have been my default knitting for a long time. The last few years, though, I’ve shifted towards shawls. They check off a lot of the same boxes as socks — pretty yarn! easy to make your own without a pattern once you’ve learned a few of the standard techniques! lots of opportunity to just knit knit knit without having to think too much! — but they also satisfy my “I want to wear the same thing every day” and “being wrapped in a blanket makes me feel safe, can I be wrapped in a blanket all the time please” needs simultaneously and in a way that doesn’t get me weird looks at the office.

This shawl? Well, it is for sure getting worn every day for the foreseeable future, and based on my crude attempt at blocking I can tell you it also checks the blanket box. This thing is just about as wide as and a good bit longer than a queen-size mattress, folks.

(I am quite a bit smaller than a queen-size mattress, FYI.)

Not that garter stitch really requires blocking, of course, so in the end, I decided to pin out the lace and let the garter stitch find its own way.

Oh, but first — I really wanted to capture the eggcrate kind of texture the lace had before blocking.

Buddy had different ideas about what my artistic focus should be. But I mostly just go with what Buddy wants these days, not gonna lie.

With its sort-of long, skinny vibe, this shawl did not give a very good idea of quite how big it was during the knitting. Once I had it al pinned out, Dan commented on its superhero-y- ness. With the right brooch, I think I totally could fight crime in this.

I have at least fought the disappointment and frustration of trying to knit that damn sweater.

Pattern: San Drea Shawl by Emma Welford
Yarn: madelintosh Tosh Merino Light (all amounts assuming my skeins were 100 g, which I don’t know really because I didn’t weigh first) in Candlewick (MC, 276 g), Violet Beauregard (CC 1, 14 g), Yoko (CC 2, 13 g), and Tern (CC 3, I’m guessing either 14 or 13 g but I couldn’t get an accurate weight of what was left because some of it is still in that fucking sweater in a Ziploc in a box) 
 3.75 mm/US 5 KnitPicks interchangeable tips (I have a very few remaining) on a Knitter’s Pride cable, to which each ended up superglued at some point during the course of this because they wouldn’t stay screwed in and I know they maybe aren’t entirely 100% compatible between brands like that but come on let’s be reasonable and UGH I wish those needles weren’t such crap because other than that they are so beautiful and I adore them


In conclusion:

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