Much Better

I ripped out the sleeve on the squishy sweater and started over again with the decrease rate doubled. It’s going much better. It’s still a little looser than I would make for myself, but it will certainly do.

I finished the second first Crusoe and it’s just the right size, I think. The now officially second sock is being knit as we speak and these should be in the mail Monday morning. Then it’s on to Daughter of the Regiment for, I don’t know, the next 2 years?

I like this one much better than the first. I had a choice of patterns to knit and I chose Crusoe because I thought the slipped-stitch pattern would break up what I assumed would be the yarn’s tendency to pool. The first sock came out very pretty but still pooled a bit. It sort of did that barber-pole thing. The new stitch count did just what I was originally imagining. There’s a bit of pooling here and there, but the colors are much more evenly distributed so you really get to see the blue and yellow (well, the periwinkle and peridot) play off each other.

Oh! And I made a new friend this week. This is Davy:

(Davy Crock-Pot)

Expect more posts about food, ’cause between Davy here and my CSA subscription starting up in June, there’s  going to be so. much. cooking. around this place.

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