9 thoughts on “My Recent Yarn Frustrations Expressed in Song Lyrics

    1. Just make sure they come out the same size (as each other AND as your feet) and that they’re not your second attempt to make this yarn work so you’re totally sick of it by the time you’re done the 1st sock. As long as you avoid those pitfalls, you should be much happier with your socks than I am with mine.

  1. I still have no idea how that happens when one sock is larger than the other. It has happened to me a few times and I have no idea how it did! If it is any consultation, they look pretty : )

    1. It’s baffling. I’ve had slight size differences in socks, but these are about an inch or two different total. This was just yarn that didn’t want to behave, I guess.

    1. I’m taking a little time-out right now to work on a sweater. I should be ready to attach the sock project again in another day or two, but I needed that little break.

    1. Thanks! I’m planning another similar pair – in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT yarn because this stuff can’t behave – that I hope will be just as cute but actually fit.

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