Not Much News On The Knitting Front

The Giant-Size Man-Sweater continues apace. Body is done, left button band complete, shawl collar shaped, now it’s just a few more short rows & I’m on to the right button band (complete with evenly spaced buttonholes? guess we’ll see about that). Definitely blocking this before seaming, as I am not terribly experienced with seaming knitted objects and back in my crochet days my approach to seaming was along the “well, it’s supposed to look lumpy and handmade” lines and I think it might be best if the button band and collar show some sort of sensible relationship to the body.

One thing this project has taught me (besides the fact that I can indeed purl for a mile and a half and not actually die) is how far I’ve come as a knitter. There are so many mistakes in this pattern, no errata available at the SNB website, and more than a few other similar complaints to be found on Ravelry. (And thank…Idunno, pick a higher power…for Ravelry, because the few times I just wasn’t confident enough to say “that’s wrong!” and power on, I was able to easily get an answer.) I realized I’m at a point now – even only having made two sweaters that weren’t anything like this one – where I can come upon a mistake, say “well, there’s no way that’s right,” and figure out how to make it right in just a few minutes. With no throwing it down in frustration, ignoring it for 6 weeks, then picking another pattern to make instead. I’m growing.

But, seriously, someone needs to publish some errata for this pattern and fast.

Zoe really wants to make sure the button band is the right length.

Zoe really wants to make sure the button band is the right length.

Other projects are in roughly the same stages, but still on track to be done in the next few weeks (got a long weekend coming up and I plan to spend most of it reclined in various manners). I did just get a lovely package in the mail from Knitpicks, though. Enough Comfy Bulky to make the Muriwai Bath Mat and some CotLin for a little baby jean jacket. Also an EZ book and a Niddy Noddy. So I needneedNEED to finish this sweater so I can start all sorts of new awesome projects for Fall.

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