One Down

One to go.

I have every intention of working on the second sock tonight and tomorrow morning. Unless I get distracted by the next pair. It’s possible I’ll get distracted by the next pair – Comfort DK on 2.75 mm needles, chosen specifically to help keep me on track for a pair every three weeks since these ones are taking so long.

The more I talk about them the more likely it is they’ll distract me. But I am weak with hunger right now. Maybe I’ll feel more focused after a snack.

I would leave this post in progress and continue after my snack to let you know how I feel, but I think we all have a good idea of where this is going.

I’ll be back soon with a Comfort DK sock in progress.

13 thoughts on “One Down

    1. I didn’t end up playing, but I didn’t work on these either, last night. I decided to work on my Plain & Simple Pullover instead to give myself a little break from these socks but still not start another new thing. I think I can face the socks today.

  1. This looks very nice! I know how you feel, when I get too hungry my blood sugar gets too low and I get cranky. It you get distracted then that is what happens.

    1. Yes, I have a very hard time making a decision when I’m hungry. Especially when it’s finish-a-project knitting vs start-something-new-and-exciting knitting.

    1. I think having a year-long goal for projects sometimes makes it easier for me to get distracted, because I know what the next project will be, so it’s not just some imaginary thing I could be knitting. I know exactly what it will be and the yarn it right there. So tempting.

  2. Awesome socks! They look like a great pattern to break up variegated yarns that have a tendency to pool.

    And if you don’t finish the second because you’re distracted enough to start a new pair, there’s nothing wrong with miss-matched socks!

    1. I highly recommend this pattern for breaking up pooling yarns. It’s just taking me forever to knit these and I don’t quite know why. It may just be that I knit so many plain stockinette socks that any pattern feels like it takes forever.

      And I actually have a vague plan for some intentionally mismatched socks that I need to get around to one of these days.

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