One-Project Woman

Seriously, how long can I keep this up? Could I actually start (gasp!) finishing things? Is this what happens when you don’t just start each day by pulling a new skein out of the yarn drawers and casting on a new project? Wow. I never knew.

September: Top down with heel flap. Mad Science Titanium, color Vampire Snax.

Damned Handsome Socks
None in particular.
Yarn: Mad Science Titanium in Vampire Snax (doesn’t look like anything’s for sale right now; I got mine in a trade)
Needles: 2 mm 5″ bamboo dpns (mostly bendy ones)
Details: My standard sock measurements for the leg – 58 sts, 2*2 ribbed cuff, knit 7″ before the heel flap. Modified the heel flap, foot and toe from my usual.

The heel: I shortened the heel flap a bit from what patterns I’ve used have called for, since heel flaps never really seem comfortable to me, always a little too big. Short-row heels fit alright, so I have used those for top-down socks, but I don’t really like how they look when I knit them. I’ve knit Wendy’s Fingering Weight, Toe Up Socks With Gusset Heel several times and experimented to find the perfect fit, so I know that toe-up I need 12 gusset increases to be just right. This time through, wanting to work top-down, I decided to try a heel flap with just 24 rows so I would pick up only 12 sts on either side for the gusset. (I also always start the heel turn sooner than patterns usually call for when I do a sock with a gusset. I knit just 1 past center instead of 2 or 3. When I do 2 or 3 I get little bubbles on either side of my heel when I wear the socks.)

The foot and toe: I’ve made so many pairs of socks this year that I can just about knit myself a pair that fits perfectly without trying it on. This yarn gave me a bit of trouble, though, which I’ve discussed before. I usually knit the foot to 6″ before starting the toe (or heel, if I’m working toe-up) but I had to knit to 7″ on these. The toe kept coming out too short, as well, so I did 2 plain rounds between decrease rounds.

All fiddling was totally worth it, as these are the best looking, best fitting socks I’ve made in a while.

Since finishing these, I’ve picked up the Drop-Stitch scarf in Araucania Ranco Multy again. No progress shots, since it’s just the same pattern over and over until I run out of yarn. I weighed the skein last night and I have about 42 g to go. I’m expecting this to grow quite a bit with blocking, but I still want a long scarf I can wrap around my neck a few times, so I think I’m going to knit until the yarn is gone. My hands are getting a bit tired from three projects in a row  on small needles, so after I finish this, I think it’ll be back to the bath mat on 6.5 mm or the Oceania shawl on 5.5 mm for a little rest.

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