Only Edible Finished Objects Today

I’ve been doing some prep work before pick-ups start for the CSA share I  purchased for this summer. I’m told I’ll be getting enough produce every week to feed 2-4 people, and there are only 2 of us, so I got a copy of Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian to make sure I don’t run out of ideas. I’ve been setting a goal for myself every week of not throwing out any produce at the end of the week. Everything has to get used up. I haven’t hit this goal every week (I have a really hard time with herbs), but it’s getting better. Finally, I’ve been getting back into my old habit of cooking one full day on the weekend and freezing as much as I can so I don’t have to worry about coming home exhausted mid-week to several pounds of vegetables that are going to go bad if I don’t do something about them.

I haven’ t knit a stitch all day. I’ve barely let myself sit down (but not for much longer). This was the state of things this morning around 7:

Then the cooking started. Nine hours of it.

The final tally:

  • 3 trays of stuffed shells (2 servings each)
  • 8 chicken sausage calzones
  • 1 loaf of banana bread
  • 5 kitchen towels dirtied
  • 2 minor injuries (one me, one the fridge)
  • 1 large bowl of salad to last the week
  • 1/2 gallon of peels, ends, and stems added to the stock pile in the freezer
  • 2 sore knees
  • 5 minutes in Hero pose
  • 1 Crock-Pot full of bean, kale, and turkey stew
  • 2 plastic storage containers used as measuring cups when all the measuring cups were in the dishwasher
  • 1 well-deserved cocktail coming up any second now

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