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It’s usually the case, when things go quiet around here for a while, that I’m stuck right in the middle of another semester and making such slow progress on my knitting that there’s just not that much progress to show. Half of a sock cuff looks very much like three-quarters of a sock cuff, and I think you’ve all seen enough partial sock cuffs by now that I couldn’t possibly excite you with that level of progress. However. Things are a little different right now. While the semester stuff is totally true this time around, there’s nary a three-quarters sock cuff to be found around the place. I’ve actually been making a ton of progress on my knitting lately, it’s just that it wasn’t knitting I was ready to show you.

I can show you now, though, because the Yarn & Sass Etsy shop is totally officially open and ready for you to buy all the things!

Well, OK, not all the things. Like, seven things. But that’s still way more things than I’ve ever knit in the course of one semester, I think! I am fantastically pleased with this situation. And I’m expecting there to be a few more things popping up in there on a roughly weekly basis.

Do click through and check out the shop, but here’s a little preview of what you’ll find there just for funsies:

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