Prep Work

My weekend activities typically amount to yoga, eating, knitting, & little more. This weekend, though I did not have a yoga class to teach & spent most of my time preparing to eat & knit, rather than actually eating & knitting.

I recently redid our budget & realized that if we spend what I think we should spend on groceries instead of what we actually do spend on groceries, there might just be a small savings account in our future. This is a big, huge, wild kind of deal. Money’s been tight for a while. So the prospect of  a bit of savings – even a very tiny weensy little bit – is a great motivator. (It’s not just groceries, of course. We’ll also be cutting back our fun money, meaning fewer skeins of yarn & action figures, but – tho’ it sounds like heresy even to my own ears – that expense is a hell of a lot easier to cut back on than food.) It means changing how we eat a little, but that just means reverting back to the way I used to eat. It’s all about buying big, cooking big, & preserving as much as possible; the next few weeks will be about trying to find that rhythm again.

This weekend I made 2 quarts of marinara sauce, chopped & froze 5 lbs of onions, roasted a chicken, & made 2 liters of chicken broth with all the leftover bits, bones, peels, stems, etc. The fridge & freezer aren’t quite well stocked enough to keep us going for too long, but I’m thinking about small steps. Only as much big cooking as I can do on a Saturday & a Sunday afternoon each week. In a month or so I should have things pretty well under control – & maybe just a squeensy bit in savings, if my math is right.

On the preparing to knit front, there was a goodly bit of winding to be done. I can almost see that there might be an end to the second skein of Cascade Eco+ for Dan’s sweater (can I tell you how much I love the idea of knitting a big big sweater for my oh-so-tall husband with just 3 skeins of yarn? ’cause, for serious, I hate weaving in ends), so I got out the swift & ball winder to get the last skein ready. The thing about this yarn (or, I suppose more accurately, the thing about my ball winder) is that it’s way more than my ball winder can handle. So, about a third to half of the skein gets wound up all nice & neat into a little yarn cake, then the rest I have to wind by hand. Once I was in the winding by hand groove again, I got the giantest skein of yarn known to Randi on the swift:

Might not look that big. Just trust me on this one.

Might not look that big. Just trust me on this one.

That’s some Cherry Tree Hill Oceania right there, & my, but this is just a great deal of yarn. 1440 yds. This is going to live on the swift for now & I’ve enlisted the husband’s help to get it wound. No way the ballwinder will handle this, so I’m winding it around a paper towel tube. I almost can’t see the tube anymore & honestly I don’t see even a dent being made on the swift. I don’t know how I’m going to handle this ball to knit with it  (handle this ball!). I’ll need to fashion some sort of stand.

So, not much visible progress on my projects, but take a look in my freezer & on my coffee table, & things are clearly getting done.

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