Promises, Promises

“I will – I WILL! – put [my new socks] down this weekend to knit the cowl on Francis Revisited.” –Me, last Friday.

See, what happens is sometimes I say these things that just turn out to be completely untrue. Or, almost completely untrue, because I did put the socks down, it’s just that I didn’t exactly pick Francis Revisited back up again. It’s OK. It’s a quick knit and I have all the way to next Thursday to knit the cowl and sleeves and still make my deadline. Really, it’s fine. Nothing ever goes wrong when I leave things to the last minute – it got me passing grades through 10 years of school, and I see no reason to change courses now. (Actually, my secret weapon is a plan to do nothing but knit, cook, and watch Farscape this weekend. I have Friday off. By Sunday night, there will – THERE WILL! – be an extra piece sticking off my sweater in at least one direction.)

I was distracted by some green and pink stripey business over the weekend, then by my FOODOHMYGODIAMLOVINGTHISCSATHING the past few nights. This week’s turnips and beets had very tasty looking greens that I didn’t want to waste and I’m trying to use as much as possible and save a little bit out of every week’s share, so the last few nights I’ve been working in the kitchen after dinner. I’ve blanched and frozen the turnip and beet greens as well as the kale and broccoli stems. I also used the blanching water to make a green-veg-heavy vegetable broth that’s now in the freezer. I don’t think it will work for just any old soup, but it smelled and tasted wonderful so I’m sure I’ll find a use for it. This is on top of what I’ve made for immediate consumption this week – swiss chard with garlic and currants served over polenta (both recipes from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian; neither of us was crazy about the currants with the greens – the rest of the dish was too savory for the currants to really fit in), lentil kohlrabi salad from Chocolate & Zucchini (awesome, but I subbed olive for sesame oil after a particularly traumatizing over-glug in the salad dressing a few weeks ago that left the kitchen smelling like sesame for DAYS), and last night’s buffet-style offering of jasmine rice, braised and glazed turnips, kale sauteed with garlic and olive oil and dressed with lemon juice, and steamed broccoli florets.

Actually, just writing all that made me more tired than doing it did, so I shall bid you farewell for now. Be back soon with sweater progress – I swear.

2 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

    1. Thanks! It’s amazing – I set this one-sweater-every-two-months deadline last year and I was all prepared for it. Now I’m a week away from my deadline and suddenly I’m like, “You know what I haven’t worked on in 8 months? My sock yarn blanket. I totally need to devote the next 2 weeks to my sock yarn blanket.”

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