Properly Modeled Finished Projects: Part 1

Yesterday Aidez and I enjoyed a peppermint hot chocolate and a nice river view.

(Actually I was enjoying the view of the building I would so totally be living in – which has a river view – if, you know, I had money and stuff. It has rooftop patios, people.)

We looked askance.

We just generally showed off our loveliness.

It was quite nice, indeed.

I love this sweater. Love love LOVE. I love the cables. I love the fit. The sleeves are just the right length, past my wrists but not in the way of my fingers. It stays on so well even though it’s pretty open in the front. And I love the yarn (Cascade Eco +).  I’m not too sensitive to wool, but when I bought my first Cascade Eco I was a little worried. It’s a bit hairy and as a general rule I try not to get tickled, but it softens up very noticeably with washing and while I wouldn’t wear it with nothing underneath, I can wear Aidez and Owls with short or three-quarter sleeves just fine. This color (2452) didn’t bleed at all, which was a huge problem with the yellow I used for Dan’s Smokin’. I think I can safely call this the Best Randisweater In All The Land! Oh, yes.


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