Properly Modeled Finished Projects: Part 2

After the week or so of Fall-ish weather we got here, things are now headed decidedly towards Winter. Which I really don’t mind so much. It feels a bit too early for snow, I admit, but I have new(ish) tires and brakes – also I’m a big girl now – so I can handle it. I’m trying to put off starting up the heat for as long as we can stand it. The chill has set in. It’s the point in the year where I keep my wool socks on all night. I’m sitting here drinking coffee with Aidez on over my jammies (and, of course, wool socks – today we are rockin’ the Jaywalkers) and I’m finding the chill manageable. I’m planning layers for my trip out to run errands later this morning, but sometimes this is a difficult task. I must knit more things in colors that go together. In general, I’m just very very happy that Summer’s over and I can mostly breathe again.

But you don’t come here for the weather, do you? No, if you’re like me you’re probably on the lookout for yarn pictures no matter what else you may be doing internet-side on a given day. So here, have a yarn picture:

Here’s Jim Baktus (details here) all washed and blocked and ready for his closeup. I have to say, I was not sold on this project until just about the moment we were taking these pictures. I saw the pattern when it first started making the rounds and thought it was a neat idea. It seemed like a good project for watching TV or whenever I just needed simple knitting to keep my hands busy without taxing my brain too much. Simple Knitting, of course, can become Boring Knitting very easily, which is why it took over a year and a half to finish. Fresh off the needles, this scarf did nothing for me. I thought at first it might have been that I’d had this half-finished thing in my life for far too long. But as I played around with ways to wear it, it kept slipping lower in my estimation. I could only wrap it around my neck in weird ways because it was so small and it didn’t sit across my shoulders well either. I assumed I had been too concerned with running out of yarn and just hadn’t made it big enough. It sat for a week or so before I got around to blocking it.

And, so, yes. Blocking. We all know this, right? But we forget it easily? I mean, this isn’t a lace scarf, so I wasn’t really expecting much from blocking except neatening up the stitches a bit. But it grew! It relaxed and got all secure with its identity and then suddenly, when I tried it on again, I could wrap it around my neck NOT in a weird way and I could tie it in front without strangling myself and it’s so soft and squishy and warm and I love it.

I might even love it too much. Dan caught me and the Baktus sort of, um, sharing a moment.

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