Purple Pea Coat!

I sent a big box o’stuff off to Texas today. It had this in it:

Fabric Trade

This will be staying with the lovely lady in Texas, while the rest of the package will be coming back to me this fall as the purple pea coat I have dreamed of lo these many years.

So, this is another great thing about Ravelry. Thanks to the awesomefest that is the Karma Yarn Swap group, I’ve found a volunteer to make me a coat. I bought the fabric for it years ago with no pattern in mind, just thinking it would make a lovely coat. Then I did that thing where 7 years go by and you think you’ll learn to sew but then you don’t. So, I offered up some of my knitting skills or my fabric…I suppose “collection” is the right word for it in exchange for the coat and boom! Coat for Randipants, coming this fall. The fabric in the picture is her payment, along with a few surprise goodies I threw in for funsies.

I’m terribly excited about the whole thing.

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