Putting This Here So I Don’t Forget

Well, here we are in Iowa. It’s a month today since we arrived, and this weekend I’ve managed to finally start to feel like I’m getting back to my normal life. The house we’re in needs a lot of fixing up, so we’re holding off on completely unpacking and organizing until we know what we want to do when. But we’ve got a basic living room and bedroom set up and I’ve just about unpacked and organized all the kitchen stuff.

We’ve made a lot of it feel familiar, but one thing that will be very different is just how far we are from stuff. There are a couple grocery stores I drive by regularly but they’re a little pricey. It’s a good 45-minute drive to a town with the big box-pet-grocery store combo we typically need. It feels strange after living in a tiny apartment for so long, but we actually have a lot of space in this kitchen. So, I’m trying to get into a once-a-month shopping routine.

I think only doing 1 big shopping trip a month will be pretty easy, but making sure I get the right amounts of the right things will be trickier. Meal planning doesn’t really work for me, but we do tend to like to have a lot of the same things around regularly. For this first month, I just went around the grocery store (2, actually! Aldi & Trader Joe’s) and grabbed everything I know we like and/or looked good.


This picture is a little misleading, since I had to stock up on some kitchen and household basics like you usually do once you’re in a new place. We won’t need a new toaster oven every month, for example. But, then, it also doesn’t show the bulk stuff I’ve ordered from Amazon and King Arthur Flour.

This one gives you a little better idea of how the food and household stuff breaks down once it’s out of those bags:


So, some of these items I definitely bought more than a month’s worth (we’re not going to make it through 6 liters of liquor in a month, for sure!), some I know I bought exactly a month’s worth (31 cans of cat food), some I didn’t try to get a month’s worth (not that much trouble to grab a gallon of milk every week), and some are things I’m going to need to track to see how how long they last. I figured I’d put this all up here and use this as sort of a master tracking post that I can come back and edit (add a date & strike through) as I use things up and then have a reference to generate my shopping list next month.

(Also, if you just come here for the yarn, there’s totally a pair of socks at the end of this, so go on and scroll ahead if you’d like.)

Leaving out all the household stuff and including all the stuff I bought from Amazon and King Arthur Flour, this is pretty much what we’re dealing with:

        • roast beef 4/30
        • salami
        • 1 wedge parmesan 5/3
        • 1 log goat cheese
        • 1 block cheddar
        • 1 bag shredded mozzarella 5/7
        • 2 pizza crusts 4/26
        • bacon
        • 2 whole chickens — 1 frozen whole, 1 broken down & frozen in pieces
        • 1 red onion
        • parsley 5/5
        • chives
        • basil 4/26
        • jalapeños
        • vegetable gyozas
        • boisenberry jam
        • crushed tomatoes
        • kalamata olives
        • store brand knockoff Cheerios
        • peanut butter
        • grainy mustard
        • pickles
        • milk 5/3
        • baking powder
        • hot sauce
        • 2 bottles of olive oil
        • 5 lbs of jasmine rice
        • peanuts
        • seltzer
        • 3 kinds of juice
        • 2 bags tortilla chips
        • store brand knockoff Fig Newtons
        • peanut butter cup cookies
        • gummy candy
        • Little Debbie Fudge Brownies
        • black beans
        • navy beans
        • pinto beans
        • pecans
        • almonds
        • walnuts
        • pretzels
        • oatmeal
        • potato chips 5/2
        • 2 loaves of bread — 1 kept out, 1 frozen
        • Fudge Stripes
        • another kind of peanut butter cup cookie 4/26
        • seltzer
        • 4 bags pasta
        • 2 cans diced tomatoes
        • 2 tubes tomato paste
        • 28 oz. whole bean coffee
        • Oreos
        • brown sugar
        • almond milk
        • salsa verde
        • powdered sugar
        • green olives
        • 2 dozen eggs
        • pie crust — 1 for the fridge 5/7, 1 for the freezer
        • 3 yellow onions
        • spanakopita 5/3
        • 1 eggplant 5/2
        • fresh ginger
        • 2 lbs butter — 1 for the fridge, 1 for the freezer
        • 1 wedge gorgonzola
        • mango chutney
        • dried apricots
        • red bell peppers
        • garlic
        • whipping cream
        • 1 bag shredded “taco blend” cheese 5/7
        • beets
        • orange juice
        • avacados 5/1
        • hazelnut creamer 5/1
        • frozen broccoli
        • frozen peas
        • fennel
        • maple syrup
        • red grapes
        • tomatoes 5/3
        • green beans
        • orange juice
        • brussels sprouts
        • cauliflower
        • tomatillos
        • mushrooms
        • zucchini
        • broccoli
        • corn 5/7
        • cilantro
        • cabbage
        • scallions
        • celery
        • MAVEA Elemaris pitcher & 6 replacement filters (should last a year)
        • 4 bottles of Torani hazelnut syrup
        • 6 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill cornmeal
        • 7.25 pounds of Bob’s Red Mill groats
        • 3 pounds organic sugar
        • 10 lbs Country Save laundry soap
        • 10 lbs King Arthur all-purpose flour
        • 5 lbs KA whole wheat flour
        • 6 lbs KA semolina
        • 1 lb KA yeast

Um…yeah, I think that’s it! Not including, of course, the food we already had. We haven’t gone the whole last month with a completely bare kitchen, it’s just that we haven’t really been able to stock up until this past week. So this is what it looks like when I stock up. A lot of this was planned excess; you can see a lot has already gone in the freezer. But I’m sure we’ll run out of a lot more than I expect a lot sooner than I expect, too. I’m curious to see how it all goes.


But enough about the vegetables. Let us get to the yarn.

The drive out took 3 days. Knowing that we’d be driving separate (driving a 16-foot truck and towing a Rav 4 felt like too much, especially since the tow hitch rental would have been more than the gas for the Rav 4), I did not expect a lot of knitting time on the trip. I decided to pick up a second sock as my travel knitting.

When last we saw these socks, I had finished 1 and was hoping I’d remember what mods I’d made to the pattern so I could knit a second one. By the time I picked the yarn back up last month I had given up on the idea of duplicating my changes. I decided to just knit a plain sock and then unravel the existing one and knit a match.

But moving has a strange effect on me, you guys. I start out less than pleased about the whole thing but believing that if I just keep at it, then this time it will go beautifully. Then I get rid of my absolute last fuck somewhere around the T-2.5 weeks mark and it’s all downhill from there.

My point being that I started this plain sock the week before the move, deep in the belly of the “no fucks left” period, and once I finished it I realized that as long as the patterned sock didn’t actually feel different on my foot, then they were enough of a pair for me.


My last time ever having to go outside in my socks because no light can penetrate where I live.

These are the same yarn knit with same size needles and worn on the same size feet, and that’s enough matching for me. I love them to pieces and they kept me warm as I travelled halfway across the country, and so they have earned their status as A Good Pair Of Socks.

Pattern: Java for 1, just a standard 64-stitch top-down heelflap sock for the other
Molly’s Toes in Kasey’s Color
2mm Karbonz DPN’s
9/12/14 on a plane to San Francisco
Some time before 3/24/15 but not too much before but who even knows because no one was paying attention at that point.

6 thoughts on “Putting This Here So I Don’t Forget

    1. It was definitely tough to find hte right balance of fresh and prepared or snacks. I’m prioritizing the produce by how long it’s likely to last. The snack foods always go first tho!

  1. I love the socks. Yea for matching socks that, well, don’t match. I love your criteria – same yarn, same needles, same feet! Well done. and congrats on the move. Your pantry is a thing of beauty!

    1. Oh, I made such a mistake with the chart. And then I got the yarn for a trade. So, they’re still in the queue but they need more fixing than I can manage right now.

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