My Summer Of Randilates Begins!

I spent most of mid-week sick and it was not terribly fun. Went home early from work on Wednesday with a migraine. Many hot baths and early bedtimes ensued. But I was well enough for a little yarn store road trip today!  Scored one of the last few skeins of Oceania they had – this is going to be a squishy, nubbly, triangley sort of wrap to keep me warm at work – and some Supersock Select in the Birches colorway I’d been craving for a while.

The spinning progresses:

First singles

First singles (with ergonomic keyboard, Jim Baktus).


First 2-ply (with toes, socks, sweatshirt).

First 2-ply (with toes, socks, sweatshirt).


I think I’m getting the hang of it:

Latest singles (with Jawalker, MODOK).


This is Sereknity Yarn and Fiber superwash BFL top. We’re in love and don’t you tell us that it’s wrong. I have 4 ounces. I split it in half and was planning to spin two separate singles of 2 ounces each, then ply them together. I’m not quite through the first 2 ounces and the singles snapped from the weight of the spindle. I also lost the first big chunk of this because it was just too thick and I had to cut if off. So, I don’t quite know what will happen with this, but my plan is just to continue and see where it takes me.

My spinning is getting much thinner and more even, my spindle flicking technique is getting stronger, and I was drooling over the spinning wheels at the yarn store today. I think I have a new hobby.

In other news, my Friday night yoga class was cancelled a few weeks ago. I’ll miss teaching on Fridays, but I just wasn’t getting enough students to justify keeping the class on the schedule – in fact, the last 2 weeks it was on the schedule, no one even came. The positive side to this is that I now get to take the Friday night Yogalates class. I like Pilates – or any core-focused practice – because it can be very subtle. Yes, sometimes you feel like you’re going to explode while you’re doing it, but more often I feel like I don’t notice what’s being done during the class itself. I really see the benefit the next day, when I can feel the previous day’s class from my hips to my shoulder blades with every move I make. It’s a good reminder of how important the stabilizing work the core muscles do really is.

I’m also going to sub for the Yogalates teacher while she’s away later this summer, so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to expand my teaching comfort zone. Plus which, I do tend towards “yoga belly” – being so focused on keeping a soft belly for a full, deep breath that I sometimes forget that you need to work on strength for the softness to have its full effect. So, hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll have gained some new teaching skills AND be standing a little straighter and breathing a little better.

3 thoughts on “My Summer Of Randilates Begins!

  1. I went to a fabric sale today at a very nice quilt shop that also carries yarn. I meandered slightly from the fabric to yarn side of the sale tent and was reminded why I began knitting. Yarn is sooo incredibly softsquishytouchable! Alas, I’ve come to accept I have no real interest in knitting myself (beyond the simple stockinette stitch blanket I’m making for my mother). But oh, the squishysoft yarn. I fully understand why you’re so enamored. Such lovely lush tactiles!

    I also snagged you a present from the free bin. 🙂 A skein (is it still a skein if it’s on a cardboard cone, or does that have a special name?) of burgundy/cranberry-ish lightweight yarn. I’m intrigued to see what you’ll do with it.

    On a non-yarn related note, your name is a synonym for ‘horny,’ so I think “randilates” sounds slightly dirty; like either sexy exercises or aroused coffee beverages. Randy lattes!

    1. Hmm…sex yoga? That would probably get a lot of students. Kegels, hip openers, upper body strength. Balance? (I’m going to have weird dreams.) Sex coffee, though? I’m picturing it being over before it really started, what with all the espresso.

      The way you describe your feelings for knitting – that’s pretty much how I feel about sewing. I have all this fabric I got from my grandmother when she died, I have more that I’ve bought myself over the years, thinking I would make pillows, coats, quilts. I’ve finished one quilt my whole life and it took me 3 years or something. The curtain I made took a year. I love to look at fabric, I like having my little sewing table set up in the corner, I really love the smell the iron gives off when I’m steaming quilting cotton, but ultimately the only thing I love about the act of sewing is the idea of me someday being a sewer (that’s a weird word). I know it’s never gonna happen. That’s why I’m trying to barter with anyone who can sew right now – trying to get needle cases from my FB friends, and hoping someone takes pity on my offer of handknit socks (or any/all of my fabric) in exchange for that coat I’ve always dreamed of over on Ravelry. I guess accepting who you really are is just part of growing up.

      I am intrigued by this coned yarn you speak of as well! Maybe I could do something with it for you and you could do something with my fabric for me? I’ll have to take you to the basement sometime. You might like it there.

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