Scrappy Shawl!

You know how sometimes you just get an idea in your head and instantly it’s all you can think about and then you CAN’TSTOPWON’TSTOP until it’s a real thing in your hands?




So I was organizing the yarn bins a few weeks ago and realized I had this whole collection of neutral-ish yarns in the DK-to-light-worsted range that all looked quite nice together and yet they had gathered over the years because I did not know what (or what else, since some were leftovers) to do with them. I guess I must have been confused about their usefulness simply because I put each one away individually, because as soon as I saw them all together I knew what I had to do.




I took what I knew about basic triangle shawl construction and just knit until each ball of yarn was gone or I was bored with it.




At the color transitions I worked an eyelet row (yo/k2tog on one side of center and yo/ssk on the other) sandwiched between 2 purl rows on the right side. Other than that, it was all stockinette stitch forever.


The last stripe was the only one where I didn’t knit until I was out of yarn, because I still had like 3 full balls of that gray and I already suspected the thing was quite large, so I did the color transition pattern, a plain row or 2, repeated the transition pattern, and then did a picot bind-off.


Which was a good plan, since it turned out my suspicions were correct.




I mean, I am not terribly big, and yet this is objectively huge, I think. I’ve taken to wearing it folded in half (so the green-ish section at the top center becomes the “point” of the triangle) because that makes it much more reasonable for being in public. Not that I haven’t already snagged it on my purse a few times anyways, but that’s a different story.




Pattern: none to speak of
Yarn: from top center:

  • Mad Color Fiber Arts Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Top, color Winter of my Discontent, that I partly spun and then traded on Ravelry to get the rest spun. Leftovers from these socks.
  • Dale Garn Heilo, color 2391
  • Berroco Inca Gold, color 6415. Leftovers from these mittens.
  • Mystery yarn from a ton of yarn a coworker passed on to me years ago. No idea what it was, and there was just a tiny bit of it, but it has a bit of a halo and it felt super silky and I loved it for just those few rows we had together.
  • Knit Picks Telemark, color Mink Heather and then Dove Heather
  • Classic Elite Soft Linen, color 2292
  • KP Mink Heather again
  • CE Soft Linen, color 6572
  • KP Dove Heather again

Needles: 5.5 mm bamboo circs
Started: 4/2/16
Finished: 4/9/16. Not even joking. I. KNIT. THIS. IN. A. WEEK! Me. The process knitter.
Dimensions: 96″ wingspan, 45-ish inches down the spine. I myself am something like 61-and-a-fraction inches tall barefoot, so.


7 thoughts on “Scrappy Shawl!

  1. It’s gorgeous! Those colors really do go together so well. It’s funny how sometimes yarns just fall together like that when you’re organizing.

    1. I know! I’ve had so many of these kicking around for YEARS and it was just when I was cleaning stuff out and trying to sort by weight that I realized how perfect they were.

  2. wonderful use of those leftovers!!!! LOVE IT!!!! (can you tell the wheels are spinning….and I’m thinking of my bowl of fingering wt leftovers?!?!?)

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