So, that whole thing about taking it easy on weekends?

Yeah. It’s not quite 9 a. m. and already I have a load of laundry in the dryer, the dishwasher running, a pot of chicken broth started, and I’ve knit 4 (charted!) rounds (120 stitches each!) on a cabled winter hat. And I feel positively relaxed and blissful, so I guess this is taking a step back for me.

Part of that happy feeling might just be that there is nothing lovelier than the squishy glory that is plain old gray wool:


However. Knowing that Sundays are for selflessness, I have been putting the hat down from time to time to work on the back of one of the baby sweaters. I also need to spend some time later today putting the finishing (I hope!) touches on the Giant-Size Man-Sweater. The knitting is done, it’s blocked & buttoned, and the whole deal, but there are noticeable gaps in the button band seam. Rather than re-seam the whole thing, I’m trying a line of slip-stitch crochet in the seam. I think I might actually need two side-by-side, but we’ll see. So far it looks just like another column of knit stitches, so I think it will hide the gaps nicely. I just can’t crochet for very long without wrecking my wrist, and the only crochet hook I still have that’s big enough to match the gauge on this sweater is my Tunisian hook, so this is going slowly.

Also on the schedule for today: food shopping once Dan’s up, make & freeze some meals for the upcoming week, take out the trash & clean the kitchen. So, basically, I’m going to get almost nothing done today.

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