Simplify, Simplify

The Xmas knitting progresses nicely.

Clockwise from bottom left, that’s one Turkish Bed Sock in Maizy, one skein of Patons Classic wool split in half & wound into a double-stranded cake for a Honey Cowl, most of a slouchy hat of my own design in KP Gloss DK, 2/3 of a ribbed scarf in KP Swish Bulky in Coal, one sock knit up to the heel turn in Trekking XXL, and a pair of fingerless gloves in the same black Swish. 198 Yds of Heaven underneath.

I expect to finish the hat, and quite possibly the cowl, today. The 2nd bed sock should only take me an evening or two. The socks have been neglected a bit, so I’m going to have to start carting them around in my purse again.

The scarf will take no time at all to finish, but I’ve hit a snag entirely of my own making. I ordered 3 skeins of Swish Bulky for the scarf. After I finished the 2nd skein, the length looked just a little short. I’m aiming for a scarf that can be wrapped around once and leave the ends hanging just long enough to keep it in place; this is for a decidedly un-fussy uncle who probably wouldn’t go in for too much maneuvering required by such a functional item. Then, I realized I hadn’t planned anything to make for my sister’s boyfriend, I remembered the fingerless gloves I made my husband out of Swish Bulky, and I also remembered them taking way less than half a skein. That third bit was where my plan fell apart, it turns out. I decided to make the gloves with the 3rd skein of Swish, then finish the scarf. That way I’d get the most out of the yarn and not have to guess at when to finish the scarf. In the end, way less than half actually worked out to around three-quarters. All of which is to say poor me, I had to order from KP twice this month.

The Fuzzy Feet are off and some thrummed mittens are on for my mother-in-law. Dan asked me last night how I was going to felt them now that we have a front-loader. Which was really an excellent question. So glad I married that man. I mentioned strange tales I’ve heard of people achieving felted success with a bucket and a plunger, but when neither of us jumped right in with “That’s a great idea!” we hit up Ravelry’s pattern search feature to find something better. Of course, now I need some roving after I’ve placed my KP order, so I’ll probably just head somewhere local that sells felting supplies. (Good excuse to check out Jo-Ann or Michaels for some Wiltons dyes, too.)

Also off is the Poppy for my sister, replaced with the slouchy hat I’m making up as I go. Gauge and I have been having a bit of a fight lately, and after a few short-row sections it was clear Poppy just wasn’t working out. I usually use Xmas knitting as a reason to learn new techniques, but I think the construction of the Turkish Bed Socks is going to be as far out as I journey this year. The more things I want to try, the fewer things are likely to be finished in time, so I’m keeping it simple for all the other projects now. The only risk I took redoing this hat was my cheaty little gauge swatch, but I’ve knit enough that I can try the hat on and I think it will fit perfectly.

So, I think the Xmas list really is going to be as doable as I hoped. This year, I don’t expect to be weaving in ends on Xmas morning or saying screw the nice neat blocking and throwing the superwash projects in the dryer at the last minute. Yay, me.

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