Slow & Steady

Well. As I reported last time, we’re starting to figure out what normal feels like in Iowa. Except with the weather. I am remaining in denial about what constitutes “normal” Iowa weather. You can check the weather report every 10 minutes and every time it will somehow be different and also wrong. I give up. But unpacking-wise, organizing and settling in-wise, and especially knitting-wise, everything is moving forward around here, even if it’s just a little bit at a time.


Secret gift project #1 is entering the final stage.



Secret gift project #2 is well under way.



Secret gift project #3 is still in pre-project stage. (Does anyone know where I packed most of my knitting needles? I could really use some help on that front.)



I know that showing pictures of secret projects makes them a little less secret. And I’m sure two of those are easy enough to guess what they are. But they’re such a big portion of what I’m knitting right now that it’s going to be pictures with some details slightly obscured or no pictures at all, and I tend to come down on the side of pictures, so.


Not everything is selfless gift knitting, though. The Green Lantern sweater back is done and I have reclaimed the stitches for the front.



It’s also pretty obvious that this yarn has been reknit into the back of this sweater like 4 times now. Here’s hoping a good long soak will fix that, or that I never have to walk past anyone while wearing this. “Back to the wall at all times” is a heroic posture, right?


Progress is being greatly aided by 2 things: rewatching Scandal (SCANDAL!!!!! SCANDAL SCANDAL SCANDAL!!!!!! go watch Scandal right now you guys and then let’s talk about it!!!!!) and my accountability buddy. My friend Jess and I check in about once a week to make sure we’re making craft progress of some kind. (The less we say about progress made on that original list the better tho.)

Some weeks have been rougher than others. Some weeks all I can say is that I thought about knitting at one point, but having an accountability buddy at least means that I’m thinking about knitting at least once a week, which makes it much more likely I actually will knit at some point that week, which leads to the little bits of progress I’m talking about here, so: “accountability buddy” is definitely on my list of indispensable knitting accessories now.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Get yourselves an accountability buddy, you guys!

And then watch Scandal with them!

6 thoughts on “Slow & Steady

    1. Scandal’s good for plain knitting and also for big projects because you won’t be able to stop watching just one more episode and then it’s the middle of the night and you don’t know how that happened but you do know that you have half a sock done.

  1. i do like the idea of an accountability buddy….i might cheat, though, and get one who is not very accountable! 🙂 but just a buddy!!!!!

    1. Oh, I think “encouraging you to get distracted and ignore your knitting in pursuit of something else shiny” is a great characteristic for an accountability buddy to have tho!

  2. I love the yarn for secret project number 1. I never would have combined those colors myself, but I’ve seen that color combination a couple times in the last year and every time I want to knit it now!

    1. Thanks! The person this is for gave me a list of colors they like and then I told my husband I needed 4 for the center and 1 for the border and he picked out the final combo. If left to my own devices, everything is gray or purple, so I bring my husband in as color consultant whenever I need to branch out.

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