So, the week sorta got away from me there.


Things have been strangely stressful without anything happening that I could really put my finger on and say, “There! That’s what’s doing it. That‘s what’s stressing me out.” I think I just get this way sometimes, when all I want to do is read murder mysteries and knit sweaters and for fuck’s sake could it just be Fall already, because this whole humidity thing is a bad idea, and we all know it’s a bad idea, and yet it just. keeps. happening. So, anyway. Maybe I just don’t like summer.

But I am getting things done. Measuring, photographing, and cataloguing all my fabric. Photos posted, friends are starting to claim. I’m hoping to have all of it traded, sold, or given away by the end of the year. I want to know it’s gone to people who will use it and I want to reclaim the storage space for my yarn. The Giant-Size Man-Sweater is really starting to come together. Everything is done except the button band, collar, and one pocket (the other was my gauge swatch – now I just have to get gauge on the second one). I’ve promised this finished sweater as a fifth anniversary present, so it’s due the beginning of next month. (I willarod, I winarod….) Baby Sweater #1 is coming along much more quickly since I taught myself how to purl backwards. The garter section was no trouble but I’m not a huge fan of purling, and I’m even less a fan of turning.  Purling backwards is easier than I thought it would be, and so far I’m not getting a noticeable gauge difference row-to-row. This is also due the beginning of next month. The August socks have begun, stripey Jaywalkers from a nice variety of sock minis for a Ravelry trade. Since they’re the August socks, they are certainly due by September 1. Then, you know what? The Fall’s mine, all mine. One more baby sweater due early October but, seriously, there are going to be so many Randithings made this Fall before Xmas knitting begins (and I think everyone’s getting slippers anyway).

There’s also been the weensiest bit of fiction writing lately, which is terribly exciting. And I’ve been reading my little bit of Italian and doing my little bit of yoga every day. So, really, I just need to step back, take a breath, and realize that things are alright.

It’s tough sometimes.

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