6 thoughts on “Socks It Is, Then: A Sad Sad Story In Pictures

  1. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. With 5 pics, that’s a lot of words! Your face pretty much says it all. lol I’m sure you’re discouraged, but I hope you’re happier with socks.

    1. And honestly I was even trying to keep a neutral face in these pictures! That’s how frustrated I am with this after 2 solid years of trying to get it right.

    1. After all the trouble the shoulders & neckline gave me, I was hoping the sleeves would behave better this time. But nope.

  2. this is a real drag…especially since your intarsia is so good (I HATE doing intarsia!!!) Before you toss it, or rip it…..let it rest in time out; you may come back to it with new eyes at some point (It might take years—-speaking from experience, here!!!!) Until then….socks!!! Not a bad alternative.

    1. Oh, I’ve already started ripping! It’s mostly been in time-out for the last 2 years and I’ve reknit the shoulders/sleeve section about 5 times. Socks at least I know I can knit right! I think part of the issue with the sleeves was that even though they’re all the same yarn, each one knit up VERY differently. I would have had to work each shoulder and sleeve section at a different gauge for the fabric and fit to stay consistent, and that’s just more energy than I have left.

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