Somebody Get Me A Bier

I was planning on having a post about the drop-stitch scarf and how beautiful it is now that it’s done, maybe with some dramatic before and after blocking shots. But that’s because I was planning on having the drop-stitch scarf done today, which it is not.

Last night I was 3 pattern repeats from the end and feeling right on track to finish, give it a soak, and then have some fun pinning it out and seeing how much I could get it to grow lengthwise before bed. So my cat thought that would be a good time to jump up on the end table, knock my beer over, and spill a good portion of it right into the bottom drawer of my yarn organizer, sparing a bit for the basket holding my spindle and some fiber as well. At this point there was much yelling of curses and stomping of feet trying to get the cat out of the mess and searching-for of towels, and bed time came much sooner last night than I had been expecting.

Goals for today: Knit 3 repeats on the drop-stitch scarf, keep a better eye on my beer.

Once the drop-stitch scarf is done, I think it will be time to start the Xmas knitting! This year I’m going to try to knit for more people than usual – almost twice as many! But we have small families. I’ve never knit anything for Dan’s family, so I figured I’d add them into the rotation this year. I spent a bit of time last night (early, when the yarn drawers were still dry and alcohol free) shopping and I think I can do almost every present without buying yarn. I still need to double-check a few color choices to make sure they will be acceptable, but so far this is the plan:

  1. Dan’s mother: Fuzzy Feet (Patons Classic Wool Merino in…Paprika? Wheat Heather?)
  2. Dan’s father: Basic ribbed hat (Bernat Cashmere Blend in charcoal)
  3. Dan’s grandmother: 198 Yards of Heaven (Cascade 220 Heathers in a frosty sort of pale gray-purple)
  4. My mother: Turkish Bed Socks (Maizy, don’t know the color)
  5. My aunt: Basic top-down socks (Trekking XXL in 171, a nice fall-ish multi)
  6. My uncle: Ribbed scarf (Swish Bulky, undecided on color)
  7. My sister: Cloche (Gloss DK in Blackberry)
  8. Friend at work: Cowl/Headband (Patons Classic Wool Merino in jewel tones)

The Knitpicks yarns are the only 2 I have to buy. I think this is a very doable list, but I still need to start asap, since I know there will be distractions along the way. Like that damn cat.

Anyway. Before I post, I like to click proofread just to be safe, and I have to say this feature leaves a bit to be desired. I mean, I don’t really think I can blame it, it just seems like it tries too hard sometimes.

When I click “Explain…” it asks if I meant “an alcoholic beverage brewed from cereal grains” or “stand on for a coffin” and gives me a handy little lesson on homophones.

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