I Spent My Xmas Money & It Was Awesome

My in-laws went a little wild with the Xmas check this year, so I went a little wild with my half.

This is what my work looks like when it's all cut out for me.

I thought about buying a spinning wheel, but in the end that felt like making a commitment that spinning would be my main hobby for the next several months, and I’m not quite there yet. On the other hand, I have wanted to set a goal of knitting a sweater every two months next year, and that right there is 6 sweaters’ worth of yarn, and then some.  Moving mostly leftish to rightish through those stacks, we have:

  • Cascade Eco+ (green) for the Drops 103 jacket.
  • Cascade Eco (gray) for owls by Kate Davies.
  • Berroco Pure Merino DK for a hat for Dan.
  • Addi Lace 1.75 mm 60″ circ. I’ve been wanting to try needles smaller than 2 mm for thinner sock yarns like Berroco Sox and Trekking XXL but I bend the wood or bamboo ones too much to make the investment worth it. I haven’t knit with any metal since I first started knitting due to ongoing wrist and shoulder issues that made it too uncomfortable. I’m hoping these are thin and light enough that I can work with them.
  • Rowan Felted Tweed for Bonny.
  • Harrisville Designs New England Shetland for Plain and Simple Pullover.
  • Berroco Peruvia Quick in Brown, Black and White for Winding Path.
  • Berroco Seduce for Apocalypta.
  • And my all-time favorite sock yarn, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select Semisolids in Azure.

This entire purchase was greatly helped by the fact that my sort-of local place has a frequent buyer stampy card discount coupon system, which cut a big chunk out of the cost for this lot. I even had a bit left over to pick up some canning jars for my next dyeing project and a top-whorl spindle on Etsy to start spinning lace weight with!

Dan had big plans for his half of the check as well, and we had a restaurant gift card to dispose of, so we headed out early this morning for what turned into about a 7-hour trip: bank, breakfast, yarn store, comic book store, Game Stop, other comic book store, finally home to pile everything up on the floor and stare at it slack-jawed and giddy with exhaustion. I hit the yarn store prepared, with all the yarn I needed for everything I want to knit in a spreadsheet. It seemed like they hadn’t completely restocked after the Xmas rush, so some adjustments needed to be made to the list, and I had to mix a few dye lots (though I ended up mixing accidentally on the Felted Tweed; hoping that can be worked out with a quick call in the morning), but I managed to get most of my biggest wants checked off the list. Even being prepared, it still takes a LONG time to pick out all that yarn, but seeing as the biggest splurge we ever allow ourselves at one time is maybe $50 if we’re doing really well that month, it felt really strange and fun to have some stress-free cash to blow. And now I can start saving up for NH Sheep & Wool in May, since I can’t see why I would have to buy any yarn between now and then.

Merry Xmas to all, and I am heading back to my big-ass loungey pillow to pet my yarn some more.

5 thoughts on “I Spent My Xmas Money & It Was Awesome

  1. Look at all that yarn! You hit the jackpot! It’s good that you had a plan before you went into the yarn shop. Otherwise you end up with the wrong amounts for whatever you decide to make, and it just gets frustrating.

    1. Indeed. The past few years I’ve gotten gift certificates and went in without much of a plan. I usually come out with several skeins of sock yarn and some pretty stuff to make hats or fingerless mitts out of. It’s easy to pick out yarn for items you know will only take one skein, but that leaves me with almost no sweater yarn, so considering how much I had to spend this year, I really wanted a plan. I’ve kept the spreadsheet for a while, but I spent about 2 days going over and over it and scrolling through page after page of patterns and yarns on Ravelry so I’d have plenty of choices once I got there and saw what they had.

  2. I love that you had a spreadsheet for your yarn buying trip. 🙂 Yarn is serious business! Have you rolled around in it yet?

    I want to know what games and books Dan got!

    1. I have not rolled around in it, in fact, but that’s largely due to the giant comfy bamboo pillow my sister got me. I’ve been lounging HARD these last few days. You’ll have to hit Dan up on FB for the full list, but there’s a big stack of graphic novels, Animal Crossing, and the new Heroclix set scattered about the place.

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