Sororal Socks

Pattern: My usual toe-up pattern combined with the directions for knee socks from Knitting Without Tears reversed for toe-up construction. I took inspiration for the calf increases from this pattern. 56 sts for the foot, increased to 76 for the calf.
Socks That Rock Lightweight mill ends. Unknown colorway. Two decidedly different dye lots.
Magic loop on 2 mm circ – first a KP Harmony that snapped, then a Hiya Hiya bamboo that went distressingly limp and curved within the first few stitches. What am I going to do for small needles? I should invest in more Harmony circs just for magic loop, since even if they last 3 years, that’s better luck than the 4 sets of bamboo dpn’s I’ve bent in the last 2 years.
Mods: My standard mods for this pattern: Judy’s Magic Cast-on, 14 sts each needle. Increase to 56 sts total. 12 increases for the gusset.
September 2010

In keeping with my belief that finishing one type of project frees you up to start another of the same type (even if your husband really does deserve for you to finally finish the first hat in all your 3.5 years of knitting that will actually fit him), I’ve cast on for some new knee socks in KP Risata. I’m calling these my goldfish bowl socks:

And, for all I was aching to cast on the Plain & Simple Pullover last month, I got some steel-blue mystery wool/acrylic in a Ravelry trade, fell instantly in love, and am attempting Francis Revisited instead. Oh, that cowl! For serious. I will be quoting Pee-wee’s Big Adventure to myself for much of the time I spend knitting this, I fear. There is just nothing to be done about it.

I still might cast on for the Plain & Simple just to have a range of gauges on the needles in case my hands get tired of one. We shall see.

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