Spinning & Unwinding

My long weekend is over. A 2-day weekend always makes it hard enough to go back to work; by the end of a 5-day weekend I’ve convinced myself I never have to work again.

Some of this weekend’s goals were accomplished – I relaxed, did yoga (for myself, not just while I was teaching), read a novel and a half. Some were not (May socks: not quite done, but I’m not too worried). Most of the goals that were not accomplished were overlooked because of this:

So in love with this stuff I can't keep my hands off it.

So in love with this stuff I can’t keep my hands off it.

That’s superwash BFL from Sereknity Yarn and Fiber in the colorway Sweet Baby James. And there’s a lot more of it now than when I took that picture.

I started spinning about 3 weeks ago, after NH Sheep & Wool. After walking around for a few hours, seeing the piles of fiber everywhere and just wanting to curl up in a big pile of them, I couldn’t take it anymore. I bought a spindle, a copy of Respect The Spindle, 2 one-ounce batts from Acker’s Acres Angoras, and 2 four-ounce braids from Sereknity.  I’ve practiced on the one-ounce batts, and so far I’m feeling pretty confident working on this braid. My goal for the other braid I bought is sock yarn, so with this one I’m trying to spin it as thin as I can. It started out a little uneven – there are a few VERY thick spots in there – but now, about a third of the way through it, I’m spinning much thinner overall. It’s still a little thick-and-thin, but the thick spots as well as the thin spots are getting thinner and thinner. I’m thinking maybe this will be a 2-ply for some fingerless mitts.

I’ve wanted to learn to spin for years and one of the things that held me back is knowing I’d get hooked and not have the time or money for another all-consuming fiber-related hobby. And I’m already thinking about what kind of spindle I want to buy next, which yarn stores in the area do I know sell spinning supplies, and when will I have several hundred dollars lying around for a wheel. So, yeah. At least I can turn this all-consuming hobby into one of my others, which is to collect yarn whether I have a plan for it or not. I guess if you look at it that way, I’m saving money.

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