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Second sweater: done!

Pattern: Dunno. Your basic top-down raglan. When I came into possession of this, it was already knit to about halfway down the body and there was no pattern with it.
Yarn: Sirdar Denim Chunky, which is seriously squishy and surprisingly not splitty. It looks like it’ll split but it didn’t at all during the knitting. Weaving in ends was a pain, though. Colors SH508 (white) & SH513 (gray). Either 4 or 5 skeins of the gray. Barely any of the white.
Needles: 6mm. First the needles that were in the sweater when I got it, then my KP Harmony interchangeables to magic loop the sleeves and collar.
Started: March 2011
Completed: May 1, 2011.
Mods: More like details in this case, since I don’t know if there was a pattern to begin with. 1 inch of 2*2 rib for the collar, which came out a little loose but I don’t mind. 2*2 rib on the hem and cuffs – 3 inches in gray, then 1 inch in white to add a little interest so the sweater didn’t just become a wall of gray.

This weekend I also discovered I may not be ready to handle bottom-up laceweight projects. I had such hopes for Alcea, but after my last post, when I reported a 331-st cast on and 4 rows knit without a mistake, row 5 did me in and I never managed to figure out how. The do-over didn’t get further than row 3, so look for pictures of a Citron-in-progress here soon.

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