Starting Over Again

Never really ends. Seriously. You can knit and knit and make sock after sock and really truly (I promise) understand both math and the concept of gauge. You can have measurements for the foot you are trying to fit and all these helpful notes about how the sizing given is just a wee bit off – and you can even try to plan for that when you cast on – and you can still find yourself with a sock that won’t fit. You can find yourself here:


Second first sock.


I’m-a make these fit, I swear! But I’ll be a week off my promised due date. I hate missing deadlines. But I’d also hate sending socks that don’t fit.

In other restarting news, the planned year. of. sweaters. second. sweater., Francis Revisited, has not made a lot of progress (she says as though it’s the sweater’s job to make sure it gets knit). Once I saw the half-done chunky cotton raglan in the batch of stuffs I acquired through a coworker I rebooted my second sweater plan. The body was almost done and it looked like it would fit me. So we are here now…

I’m makin’ my picture face!

…and I think I have to start the sleeve over. It’s a little loose, especially compared to the minimal ease in the body. I need to do some math before I rip, though. I hate ripping without a plan.

5 thoughts on “Starting Over Again

  1. I have to reknit a bunch of swatches for the Knitting Guild’s Master Knitter series. It’s not as bad as restarting a sleeve or a sock but I do feel your pain.

    1. I’m trying to turn on my yoga teacher voice in my head and tell myself it’s a meditative practice and it’s strengthening my character. We’ll see how that works out for me.

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