Starting To Remember How Life Goes

Trying to find an equilibrium again after moving always takes me a while, but I think I’m getting the knitting aspect together, at least. I just finished up some socks for a trade and completely spaced on getting anything like a picture of them, but they did get me knitting every day. Now that they’re off to their permanent home and I can move on to some other projects, I’m taking the…let’s call it an “opportunity”…presented by the particularly panicky and disorganized packing job we did this time around to rediscover some yarn I haven’t thought about in a while.




I will finish the Green Lantern sweater, I swear. I started it in the summer the last time we moved, so I think finishing it this summer right after we move will be appropriate. I’ve had a few false starts getting the sleeves and neckline right and I want to knit a bunch more fingering-weight pullovers anyway — and the yarn I want to use for the next one is one of the things I’ve rediscovered since moving — so I finally got my act together to put in my measurements at customfit and I’m finishing this up according to those instructions.


I’m almost done with the back on the sweater, but when I need a break from the tiny needles I switch over to a couple things I’m making as gifts that are sort of tucked away in this picture but that we’re not really gonna talk about for a while. I also pulled out the yarn for Dan’s Waldo sweater and wound up a skein so I can start my swatch. I think this should all keep me busy for a while, but there are 3 or 4 stray socks around the place calling my name as well, so we shall see what gets done next.

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