Still here. Still knitting.

Just busy. But I did manage to snag this picture of the latest socks while I drank my coffee the other day. I can wield an iPhone one-handed before I’ve had all my caffeine and I’m totally proud of that.


Pattern: Made up as I went along. 2*2 rib with a little twisty stitch pattern down the sides. Kinda forgot about what I did with the twisty stitch pattern on the first sock and I’m pretty sure the second sock didn’t go the same way but whatev. Oh, and for the heel I slipped or knit stitches in pairs to match the ribbing instead of sl1, k1, etc., ’cause I liked how it looked and all.
Yarn: Crazy-Ass Zauberbizzle (have you Gizoogled your blog? ’cause Gizoogle your blog, I mean it)
Needles: 1.5 mm Knitter’s Pride Karbonz. Which I loved. Which I ordered more of this morning when I saw my tax return had cleared. And also 1.75 mm and 2 mm and a DPN case. And fuck all other sock needles is what I’m saying.
Started: Early December
Finished: Last week

Also, I didn’t go to work with my pants like that. Promise.

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