Sundays Are For Selflessness

And for seriously kicking this sweater’s ass.

When I got home from yoga Sunday intending to knit, I had 3 more increase rounds to go on the Giant-Size Man-Sweater sleeves, then straight knitting for another few inches before I could join them to the body. The body also needed a bit more work, which I had left undone when I ran out of my first skein 4 rows from finishing the body. Since the working yarn is intended to stay attached to the body but to be broken on both sleeves before attaching all 3, I figure it made more sense to start the new skein with the sleeves, then rejoin to knit the last 4 rows on the body, then continue with the yoke. Which all became my goal for this week’s Sunday session: I would finish the sleeves, finish the body, and join them together. And, wow – it took me all day, but I did it. I started around noon and finished up around 8. That includes time for a nap, some more yoga, and meal preparation, but mostly I thought about nothing but this sweater for that time.

Giant-Size Dan-Sweater

Feeling remarkably good about the sweater, I moved on to my June sock project. I was just past the short-row heel this past weekend, & I flew through the rest of the foot & toe during the first part of the week. I finished last night (with plenty of time left over, so I’ve already started the toe on this month’s socks).

June: Jaywalkers with short-row heel. DIC Smooshy, color Petal Shower.

June: Jaywalkers with short-row heel. DIC Smooshy, color Petal Shower.

Knitterly info:

Jaywalker by Grumperina
Dream In Color Smooshy, color Petal Shower
2mm/US 0 5″ Clover & Hiya Hiya bamboo double-pointed needles
Smallest size (76 st)
Short-row heel

About those needles: I knit almost all my socks on 2mm needles. I’ve been using the 5″ dpns for about a year now & adore them. I find I can switch between dpns & magic loop pretty easily, & I don’t exactly prefer one over the other. I usually work with whatever I have on hand that isn’t already in another project. But these smaller dpns are really wonderful & much less fiddly than either longer dpns or magic loop. Except. Except they bend really easily. I’ve had some larger bamboo dpns that develop a little curve over time, sort of conforming themselves to the shape of my hand, & I actually find them more comfortable to work with at that point. Since I use bamboo because it’s more comfortable on my hands than metal, that’s actually a selling point for me. These small dpns, though? I think I’m just that much stronger than they are, because they bend more easily & they bend much more, to the point that it does interfere with the knitting. I have 3 or 4 sets of them & have used each a few times. Halfway through the first sock I found one of the Hiya Hiya needles was bent too much to keep knitting with, so on the next round I knit a Clover in in its place. Then, a while later, another Hiya Hiya went. And so on, until 3 or 4 of the needles I started the sock with had been replaced. But then the Clovers started to bend too. It’s not so bad I can’t use them yet, but I’m guessing partway through my July pair of socks I’ll have switched most of the Clovers out for my other set of Hiya Hiyas. I don’t know if there’s a solution for this, either. I may just have to buy several sets of these a year.

6 thoughts on “Sundays Are For Selflessness

  1. I thought about nothing but my loving, tall, handsome, supportive, funny, intelligent, seriously fantabulous husband who will look dead sexy in this sweater…and this sweater for that time.

    And those adjectives are in no particular order.

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