Sundays Are For…

A sink full of soaking socks.

Setting up for a new project.


Yes, I did spend an hour winding (and tying and marking off in sections for stripes) a skein of yarn 217 inches long THROUGH THE BACKS OF TWO FOLDING CHAIRS. Yes, I did.

Second tries.


Much better.


And soon-to-be self-striping sock yarn.

Also for skipping the cooking and ordering pizza. I have to say, this is not a bad way to spend a Sunday, and thanks to the wonder of Press’n Seal, our kitchen table looks exactly as it did this morning.

Our hands are another story.

3 thoughts on “Sundays Are For…

  1. Food coloring. Looks pretty good. I’ll let the next skein soak in the vinegar & water longer before dyeing (probably should have left it overnight, but I’m impatient like that. I think I’ll hit a craft store with a cake decorating section too and get some Wilton dyes to get a better color selection.

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