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Properly Modeled Finished Projects: Part 1

Yesterday Aidez and I enjoyed a peppermint hot chocolate and a nice river view.

(Actually I was enjoying the view of the building I would so totally be living in – which has a river view – if, you know, I had money and stuff. It has rooftop patios, people.)

We looked askance.

We just generally showed off our loveliness.

It was quite nice, indeed.

I love this sweater. Love love LOVE. I love the cables. I love the fit. The sleeves are just the right length, past my wrists but not in the way of my fingers. It stays on so well even though it’s pretty open in the front. And I love the yarn (Cascade Eco +).  I’m not too sensitive to wool, but when I bought my first Cascade Eco I was a little worried. It’s a bit hairy and as a general rule I try not to get tickled, but it softens up very noticeably with washing and while I wouldn’t wear it with nothing underneath, I can wear Aidez and Owls with short or three-quarter sleeves just fine. This color (2452) didn’t bleed at all, which was a huge problem with the yellow I used for Dan’s Smokin’. I think I can safely call this the Best Randisweater In All The Land! Oh, yes.


Oh, how I wish it were winter!

For then I could wear this and be all, “Yeah, that’s right, I made this.”

Alas, it will be in the 80’s today, so I must wait a while longer before I can wear this and be all, “Uh-huh, oh, yeah, I got cables on my arms too.”

Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Cascade Eco+, color 2452, 435 g (I just noticed, looking at my Ravelry project page, that I had 2 skeins of one dyelot and a third skein from a different lot; I actually mixed dye lots on this and they were close enough I didn’t see a difference, so, you know, dodged a bullet there.)
Needles: 6 mm KP Harmony interchangeables
Started: July 2, 2011
Finished: August 30, 2011
Mods: CO 161 and knit the back and fronts together to the underarm seam. CO 38 for each sleeve and knitted in the round to the underarm seam. Left 8 sts aside for each sleeve and each side of the body and joined the rest, working the yoke in one piece. I worked the raglan decreases on every other row and left 2 plain sts between decreases. This left a lot more sleeve stitches than the pattern called for; I had to knit the collar extension to 8.5 inches rather than the 3 or so inches written. I left the sleeve and back stitches live, and for the collar seam I worked mattress stitch on the extension while going through each live stitch and taking it off the needle for the sleeve and back stitches. After both sides of the extension were attached to the body, I worked a 3-needle bindoff on the right side to join them.

Of course, this unfortunate weather means the sweater will also be blocked and all pretty-like (and I’ll have woven in the last 2 ends I found hidden in a sleeve while taking these pictures) when it first sees the outside world.

That’s 3 sweaters done in the year. of. sweaters. What will be next? Do I continue with Plain & Simple? Do I wind up the red mystery yarn and start swatching? Do I pull out that Telemark and start in on the EZ seamless set-in sleeve number I’ve been contemplating? I’d better go queue up Midsomer Murders on Netflix – I mean, I only watched 4.5 episodes yesterday – and contemplate a bit.

Why I Love Thursdays

Three Thursdays ago:

This became baba ganoush, kohlrabi and potato gratin, and 2 jars of basil preserved in salt (really, how much pesto does a girl need in the freezer?), among other things.

Two Thursdays ago:

This became spinach, squash, and potato soup; eggplant parm with fresh tomato sauce (and some of the preserved basil we spoke of earlier); a jar of pickled cucumber and kohlrabi; and I know I did something delicious with the beans, but it was clearly so bliss-inducing my brain wasn’t able to hold onto it for long.

This past Thursday:

There’s more kohlrabi, and more cucumbers than I need. We haven’t gotten through last week’s pickles and since I don’t do the true canning thing, I can only put up so much in the fridge before I’m just planning to waste it in a few weeks instead of today.  I’m thinking maybe a cold cucumber soup. Not sure about the kohlrabi. I find pickling it is my favorite thing to do, since cooking it doesn’t seem to get rid of the woody texture it can have. A gratin is lovely until you find sticks in it. Some of the eggplant, peppers, and onions were broiled and served over rice with cuminy yogurt. There might be more of that happening tonight, in fact. I’ve got approximately 7,000 eggplant still to go.

This week the farm also had a special meat offer from another local farm – ham steak, pork chops, and 3 kinds of sausage (breakfast, hot Italian, and sweet Italian). I split the order with a friend and had to thaw most of it to be able to split it, so before I can get anything back in the freezer it needs to be cooked. This means I’m having a Saturday. of. sausages. Well, it started Friday night, with breakfast for dinner – sausage patties and fried potatoes and orange juice and ohmygod one bite of one sausage alone was worth the $27 I paid for all the meat. The tomatoes went into a meat sauce with the hot sausage, and the sweet sausage is in the Crock-Pot becoming sausage, bean, and kale stew.

That’s about as much big cooking as I’m worrying about this weekend, though I will try to make a double batch of cinnamon rolls tomorrow. (We’re going through them rather quickly these days.) I love cookcookcooking a full day on the weekend, but I’ve been bordering on overdoing it the last few weeks, and next weekend we’ll be away for a few days, so I’m trying to actually relax a bit today and tomorrow.

In knitting news, I’m about a third of the way through the second sleeve on Aidez. There’s just nothing terribly exciting about it at the moment, so no new pictures. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll have it all joined up and ready for the yoke. I need to start thinking about next week’s car knitting, too. Can’t read charts in the car, no sir. (Also, note to self: get some of those ginger pills Mythbusters said actually worked. And hope they’re right.) The CTH ribbed socks would be appropriate, since I started the first one on our last trip to the same place, but if I didn’t finish during the trip, would that mean another year and a half before I could pick them up again? Decisions, decisions.

Projects In Progress

From oldest to newest:

Toe-up 2*2 ribbed socks in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Select, color Gingersnap.

Triangular shawl in Cherry Tree Hill Oceania, color Java.

Citron in Ivy Brambles Romantica Merino Lace, color Night Sky.

What shall, I hope, one day be a long-sleeved shrug, in Cascade 220.

Square shawl knit from the center out in my own handspun.

Aidez in Cascade Eco+, color 2452.

More Food Blogging…

…for I have so much food to blog about.

Last week’s CSA share had beets, bok choy (I made fried rice!), tatsoi, 2 summer squash, 5 grilling eggplants, 3 cucumbers, 2 white & 1 red onion, new potatoes, and 2 heads of lettuce. Oh, and basil. Purple basil. You know what purple basil means? It means there’s purple pesto in my freezer right now. PURPLE PESTO!

But this week. This week is the week to talk about. Oh, boy, this week! This week looks like this:

I bought the tomatoes, 1/2 the potatoes, the garlic, and one of the peppers. The share itself had 2 bulbs of fennel, beets, white onions, 1 hot pepper, 1 large eggplant, 3 squash, a (yellow!) cucumber, and romano beans. This is already more than half gone. I’m hoping it lasts us until Wednesday but this week may just have been too delicious not to eat it all up right away. A good portion of the fennel, onions, garlic, pepper, and tomato went into The Best Pizza I Have Ever Made, Thank You.

I think tonight the rest of the fennel, onions, and garlic might get sautéed with the eggplant and squash and draped over some pasta. In fact, now I’m not entirely sure I want to have to make it through a whole day before I can eat that. It sounded really good.

This weekend I also filled the freezer with these calzones, these cinnamon rolls, 3 trays of baked ziti made with the leftover calzone filling, and some black beans with onion and chipotle, and I made celery salt and iced coffee (I scaled the recipe down to use 5 quarts of water since I had a 10-oz bag of coffee). Scrambled eggs with celery salt, a cinnamon roll, and iced coffee for breakfast are making it a little easier to get to work this week.

I would give you a knitting update, but you’ve all seen a million sock toes that don’t look any bigger than the last time you saw the same sock toe, and I still haven’t brought myself to wind up the next skein of Eco+ to continue with Aidez. I’m starting to feel the urge again on the Eco+, though – knitting it, not winding it – so I might have to just be disciplined about it all tonight, I guess. Somebody needs to buy me a jumbo ball winder. I don’t know why there aren’t more people in my life who just send me presents ’cause they think I’m awesome. I need to find some people like that.

It’s Been A Long Few Weeks

There’s been working and cooking, and migraines and sleeping, and days out with friends, and a body finished and half a sleeve knit. And not a single post about it on the blog. So, let’s catch up. I missed you.

The CSA program is still amazing and impressing me every week. I’ve started buying extra items from the farm stand while I’m there because everything – including the prices – is so good. No photo shoots of late, but trust me, the food looks better every week. The variety is starting to pick up a little, too. The early weeks were very green-heavy but now we’re starting to see things like potatoes and squash, and I hear tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants aren’t far behind. We’ve also decided to sign up for a winter program that does vegetables, meat, and pantry items like jam, pickles, and flour. I’m projecting a huge drop in the grocery bill over the winter!

Last week’s share went a little something like this: the kohlrabi and turnips were cubed, tossed with olive oil and a little salt and pepper, and roasted. Fresh garlic and basil went into a pizza, which mostly ended up tasting like basil (this is not a bad thing) because I’m still not used to what truly fresh ingredients taste like and so haven’t learned to adjust my quantities. The rest of the basil became pesto. The sugar snap peas and scallions each accented a few meals, and the pea pods were tossed in the freezer for a future soup experiment. The new potatoes were boiled, smashed, and then baked to brown the edges. And the zucchini and summer squash were sautéed, then covered with buttered panko and browned in the oven alongside the potatoes. All of these things were very nice to experience.

This week we have new potatoes, five squash (“FIVE squash?!!!” I said to myself when I picked them up), fresh garlic, fresh parsley, turnips, beets, spring onions, fennel, and 2 heads of lettuce. Again, we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the share. The onions were thinly sliced and fried to that nice crispybrown point, draped over some chicken sausages and served with some of the new potatoes (we buy extra potatoes every week and still eat them all in the first 2 nights after we pick up our share; next week I may have to buy 3 times the usual amount and start freezing); sautéed as part of a navy bean, (canned) tomato, and (frozen) broccoli…thing…soup?…stuff…whatever it was, it was tasty; and sautéed with the fennel to top a sourdough bread “pizza”. 2 summer squash are in the freezer, one went into some pasta, and the last 2 are on the menu for tonight, roasting with the beets and turnips.

I also hit the Portsmouth Open Market over the weekend with some friends. I picked up some great looking, fresh local food to round out the groceries for the week: sourdough bread, strawberry jam, broccoli, radishes, and basil. I was surprised by how small the market was (though it is new this year, I think), but there was still a good variety of farm  stands, specialty items, and local artists, so it was certainly worth the trip.

The knitting is going along at a decent pace. It could go a little quicker if you ask me, but my arms and brain seem to disagree with me at the moment. That’s fine – let them exercise their will a bit, it’s good for them – but one of these days I will have to lay down the law and tell them just to finish something already.

Aidez is almost to the end of the first skein of Eco+, which means she is here (OK, actually, part of the reason I’m not further along than this right now is that I don’t enjoy the prospect of winding another skein of Eco+):

She's also greener in real life.

And now that we’re caught up, it is time for pasta, roasted vegetables, and Farscape. Oh, life is hard, but I’m managing somehow.

Motivation, Thy Name is Aidez

So, Francis Revisited will get sleeves eventually, I promise you. Friday night, I thought about it a little and decided the reason I wasn’t too motivated to finish it was because it will be so long before I can wear it. It has a cowl neck and it’s 50% wool, it’s really hot here right now, and we only have a/c in the bedroom (which stays closed at all times), where I don’t usually knit. Clearly it just wasn’t the right time of year for that project. Time to find something a bit more seasonal.  So I started another sweater, this time in bulky 100% wool. Clearly that was the better choice.

Actually, it’s been a good idea so far. I’m tearing through this.

I originally planned on knitting the Drops 103 jacket that you’ve all seen a million places as my next sweater. I had 3 skeins of Cascade Eco+ set aside for it, but I was a little worried that all that stockinette and seed stitch and the cowl neck would be too like Francis Revisited and I’d end up in a rut again. I was ready to go ahead anyway, then Saturday morning I was checking out the latest finished projects on Ravelry and saw a little tiny thumbnail of a cushy looking, cabley cardigan and I thought, “Oh, OK, that is what I must knit. I must knit that right now,” before I’d even clicked through to see what the pattern was. Within a few hours I had printed the pattern, written out how I planned to convert it to one-piece construction, and was on my way.

Watch this space, folks. I think I’m about to make up for all the time I lost on sweater #3.