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I Tried To Do It Right, I Swear

I swatched. I got gauge. I read the pattern a few times before I started. I understood the concept. I checked and rechecked all the measurements as I knit. Eventually I had the body of Apocalypta all complete and just the way the pattern said it should be. There was just one thing I didn’t count on.

The way the pattern said it should be had very little relationship to how my upper body actually is.

Now, I don’t understand the rules of a set-in sleeve, having never made a seamed sweater before, so I had no idea how to fix this. I knew two things: that the length from the bottom edge to the point where the armhole shaping started was just about right for me, so if I ripped out the whole top piece I’d be ready to approach the shoulders again, and that I owned a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop. Thus was the seamless set-in sleeve Apocalypta born.

And it was good.

Aside from the sleeves, not much else needed to change. The only other mod I made was to accommodate my waist. I cast on for the 36″ size, worked waist shaping down to the 38″ numbers, then increased back to the 36″ bust. (I am not so hourglassy as all that.)

If I were to knit this again, I would add probably 2″ to the body as well, but because of the sleeve mods it was tough to accurately judge the length until I had the whole thing done. I’m happy enough with the length.

‘Cause it shows off my sweet, sweet ass, you know?

I’m pretty happy with the details, too.

Like the arm details.

And the neckline details.

Basically, just everything about this sweater makes me happy, happy, happy.

Pattern: Apocalypta by Amy Herzog
Berroco Seduce, which I am all kinds of in love with
Needles: 4mm/US 6 KP Harmony interchangeables & DPNs
Started: August 14, 2012
Finished: October 6, 2012

Because I Make My Own Rules

Sometimes the part of me that wants finished projects and wants to have a little self-discipline fights with the part of me that doesn’t care how many sweaters I currently have in progress, it wants Apocalypta, and it wants it now.

Guess which part won the fight this week.

I also won the Great Yarn Cake Battle of Aught-12 this week. Lesson learned: do not use your ball winder on a skein of Seduce. That cake will just collapse and you will lose 3 evenings of knitting trying to undo it.

It was just the one victory for me, though. Overall, the yarn has won the winding war. After The Untangling I wound the second skein by hand, which we all know just leads to nasty little hand cramps and takes a year and a half. So, now my approach is both the ultimate in laziness and a fine example of efficiency in the skein-to-garment department, if you ask me. I am knitting directly off the swift. With 100-yard skeins, I think it takes less time to knit the skein than to wind the ball. I may, however, just be telling myself that so I don’t have to admit I got into a fight with 100 yards of yarn and gave up almost immediately.

I feel like I’m tearing through this project. I started it a week and a half ago, I haven’t worked on it every night, there were those 3 nights spent untangling, and I’m almost ready to divide the body.

I finished the first Kristi a while back but I still haven’t gotten moving on the redo of the first blue sock. I’ve gotten about half the stitches on the needles, if that counts for anything. I suspect I will have a finished sweater before I have another pair of socks. I think it unlikely I will meet my sock goal this year. In fact, I may make not meeting my sock goal for the year my new sock goal for the year so I can have something to aim for that I stand a good chance of hitting.