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In Which I Throw A Bunch Of Stuff Your Way

I missed my traditional weekend update, but working from home today made it feel like the weekend wasn’t over yet, so…there? I don’t know.


Crusoe the first is relaxing on the medium blockers. This is not a very stretchy stitch pattern so I want to make sure it’s going to fit before I go kitchenering any toes or starting any second socks or anything else foolish.

Zoe would like you to know that she is the most helpful of cats when there are socks to dry (even if she’s not sure why she’s only showing up in thumbnail form tonight).

And, as promised, I have more photos of my dinner as I continue to play around with my phone camera.

Tonight I made portabella paprikash over whole wheat egg noodles, which of course means this is happening in my head constantly now and I don’t know when it will stop:

Also: widgets! Check out that sexy sidebar! I had totes forgotten about goodreads before this weekend but I’m getting back into it a bit. Click my buttons, folks! Friend me! Tell me what you’re reading!!