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CSA Weeks 3 & 4

Good lord, this season’s going quickly. Let’s get up to speed on the CSA, shall we?

This was week 3:

  • collard greens
  • kohlrabi
  • lettuce
  • kale
  • turnips
  • chard
  • senposai
  • beets
  • spigariello

And for week 4 we have:

  • more beets, kale, collard greens, and spigariello
  • snow peas
  • radishes
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • agretti

The morning of the week 3 pickup I realized there were still lots and lots of greens in the fridge, so I took an hour and washed, chopped, blanched and froze everything I had left from week 2. I ended up with a bag of kale stems, a bag of kohlrabi stems, and 3 bags of mixed greens frozen for sometime later in the summer when I’ve had a chance to miss leafy greens. Today I may end up doing the same with the week 3 leftovers.

I made a big salad last night to take care of the rest of the lettuce. I think I’ll serve that up for lunch today too. Last night’s dinner also took care of the chard from week 3. But there’s still enough left from last week that I just put yesterday’s overflowing bag o’ stuff straight into the fridge when I got home because I couldn’t squeeze anything else into the drawers.

There are worse problems to have than too much delicious food.

I think today I will make a kohlrabi gratin. I have some lamb sausage thawing out and if that’s done by this evening I’ll make a sausage-kale soup tonight. I’ve really been wanting to try this recipe from Food In Jars for cheddar-and-leafy-green biscuits that should freeze well, so I might try to squeeze that in today as well.

I’ve been sort of losing track of the week and not getting as much from the share cooked up each night as I would like because we’re awfully distracted by moving prep right now. We were planning to move in August but July ended up being the more doable date, so basically we’ve ended up with 3 weeks to purge and pack a 2-bedroom apartment (with full basement) where we’ve lived for 7 years in such a way that we can comfortably fit into a 1-bedroom (with a storage closet). It’s tricky, but we’re managing. We’re getting stuff out of the house every day, whether to the trash/recycling, Goodwill, or to a new forever home with friends. I’m exploring the outer thresholds of my tolerance for working in the basement before my fear of spiders starts interfering with my ability to live a normal, healthy life, which ultimately has to be good for me in some way. Builds character, or something? And we’re going to have a full week with access to both apartments, so we can take the time to be organized about how we move. I fully expect there to be a day at the end where we’re scrambling and confused and don’t know where any of our pants are, but for right now I’m feeling OK about the whole thing.


I haven’t grabbed too many food pics lately, but I thought the chard stems and garlic scapes looked awful pretty in the pan last night.

Also, don’t forget to check out the What’s in the Box? link party over at In Her Chucks for ALL THE THOUGHTS on how to cook up your CSA haul. I try to link up and check out the other links every week and I always find great ideas. Plus I could look at pictures of vegetables almost as much as I can look at pictures of yarn.

CSA Week 1: Greens, Eggs & Lamb

It’s here! It’s here! Holy shit what am I going to do with all these greens Summer CSA season is here!


The egg share was offered again this year. Rather than the occasional meat offering, this year we could choose a meat add-on for the entire season! The options were pork, chicken or lamb. We get tons of pork and whole chickens in our winter meat share so I thought I’d give the lamb a go. I’ve only eaten it a few times and never cooked with it, so it will be a summer of experimenting, meat-wise. First up: lamb burgers.

Here’s this week’s take:

  • kale
  • swiss chard
  • dandelion greens
  • escarole
  • lettuce
  • bok choy
  • turnips (with greens, of course)
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • lamb chops
  • lamb sausage
  • ground lamb
  • lamb stew

As soon as we got home with this I started in chopping, washing, and bagging up all the greens. It’s a noble goal I have every year to try to wash and prep everything early in the week so I can just grab ’em and go the rest of the week. I got through about half the stuff on Tuesday before I gave up from the hunger and had to clear the counters for dinner. Can’t exactly make and serve dinner when this is happening all over the kitchen:


I’ma try to get through washing the rest tomorrow. And I’ll be back next week with my what-I-cooked-with-it-all wrap-up, which should go something like, “I had eggs–with greens! And lamb–with greens! And then pasta–with greens!” But I promise I’ll try to make it more interesting than that if I can.

Also! It’s time once again to participate in the What’s in the Box? link party at In Her Chucks. Go check it out for a ton of great ideas on what to do with your CSA stuffs!

What I Did & What I Got & It’s Week 14 Already

The only picture I’ve managed to capture in the last several weeks. Lordy, but that bag weighed a ton.

Last week was a total holy shit week. 1 box of large tomatoes, 1 box of cherry tomatoes, 1 box of potatoes, 4 squash, 2 cucumbers, 6-ish tomatillos, 4 hot peppers, 4 sweet peppers, 4 onions, 1 watermelon, 2 eggplant, 1 dozen eggs.

This week was pretty decent as well. 4 onions, 1 box of potatoes, 1 box of cherry tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, 1 head of garlic, 1 bunch of scallions, 4 squash, 3 cucumbers, 1 dozen eggs, 1 goddamn bush of edamame which will go to a friend to save me from soy-induced migraines.

The last few weeks have been much the same eating-wise. Lots of pizza. Zucchini fritters and breakfast for dinner at every opportunity. The last of the cucumbers and cantaloupe that were still hanging out last week became some awfully delicious infused vodkas. I’m tempted to do the same with the remainder of last week’s watermelon. Half the tomatillos and hot peppers went into curry and the other half into chilli.

It might be because we’ve been at this for so long now (we’re more than two-thirds of the way through the season) or it might be because we’ve settled into lots of the sort of stuff I gravitate towards when I’m choosing my own produce, but lately I’m doing less coming up with fun new stuff to eat and more of making my stand-bys. We’re getting less stuff that has to be refrigerated, too, so it’s been easy to skip the photo step since I don’t need to sort everything out on the counter first. But I’m still in love with all my wonderful food and still think Thursday is the most exciting day of the week.

Once more, I’m taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

What I Did & What I Got & Where Have I Been For The Last 2 Weeks?

You guys. YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing since my last CSA update. I’ve taken pictures but they’re still in my phone and my phone is in another state right now. I’ve kept a bit of a list of what I’ve been making. I’ve made pasta with what I’m calling “salsa cruda” but is really just raw chopped tomatoes with salt, pepper, and olive oil poured over two nights in a row now and I am not always feeling terribly inspired in the food department though I am still terrifically well fed.

I have also injured my left thumb, had a two-day migraine, and rediscovered my love for Ali MacGraw’s yoga video. But none of that has anything to do with food stuffs.


What I Did With the Last Few Weeks

I’ve found there’s almost nothing that comes in a summer share that isn’t awesome on a pizza. There is pizza at least once a week right now. Zucchini fritters are happening about once a week as well. There’s been ratatouille of sorts (too lazy to find a recipe, I chopped up some eggplant, zucchini and peppers, threw in some cherry tomatoes, tossed the whole thing with a ton of thyme, then roasted until I swear the eggplant was made of velvet dipped in butteritwaslikewow). Also, when in doubt: polenta with a fried egg on top.

What I Got the Last Few Weeks

Things have been pretty much the same lately. About a dozen small potatoes, 4-6 onions, garlic, 3-ish peppers, 1 large eggplant, a few zucchini, a dozen eggs, so. many. tomatoes (but still never enough for me), and basil.

Ohmygod, the basil. Herbs from this farm don’t come in a bunch so much as in a plant. With roots and mud involved. Two feet tall. Like a bush. And this week we got 3 of them. It was “pesto week” and therefore ALL THE BASIL EVER happened. This is not a complaint. You should see the basil on my counter. It is beautiful. It’s just that last week’s basil is still growing in a glass on my other counter. But it’s OK. I have a pound of walnuts and a quart of olive oil. I’ll survive.

Oh! But this week? This week we got cantaloupe, so this is the week you can give me all the bad news you have and I could even injure my other thumb and the air conditioner could stop working, because now that I have cantaloupe nothing else matters.

As usual, I’m taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

What I Did & What I Got #7

What I Did With Week 6:

Thursday: Pasta with zucchini.

Friday: Chorizo with potatoes and steamed green beans.

Saturday: Ground turkey with onions and zucchini, side dish of roasted potatoes and green beans with herbs from the window boxes.

Sunday: Dinner was whole wheat flour tortilla pizzas topped with fennel, pepper and onion, with a “sauce” of pureed white beans, garlic, olive oil, and some herbs from the window boxes. A side salad of escarole, peppers, red onions, and cucumbers. I also made this soup minus the squash and used up more of the fennel and onions. I kept out half for lunches and froze the other half for later in the year when there’s appropriate squash to be had.

Monday: Had plans, skipped the share and grabbed McDonald’s.

Tuesday: You know when you just need steak tips and nothing else will do? Yeah. Steak tips with green beans and polenta (cornmeal from the winter share).

Wednesday: Fried egg and summer squash over the rest of the polenta.

Still left from week 6: 1 pepper, 2 fennel bulbs along with the stalks and fronds from the bulbs I have used, cabbage, 2 squash, 2 red onions, most of the escarole (it’s been chopped, washed, and bagged for salads, but it’s slow going), and 8 small potatoes.

What I Got Week 7:

Eggs, eggplant, escarole, 2 zucchini, 3 peppers (2 cubanelle, 1 green bell), 5 tomatoes, 3 onions (2 white, 1 red), basil, 4 potatoes.

As usual, I’m taking part in the CSA link partyhosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

What I Did & What I Got #6

What I Did With Week 5:

Thursday: Pizza with fennel, pepper, garlic, and some herbs from the window boxes.

Friday: Zucchini fritters and steamed green beans.

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, fried potatoes with thyme, tat soi sauteed with garlic).

Sunday: Crispy rice cakes with zucchini cleverly hidden inside.

Monday: I used the last bell pepper from the share in some beans with chipotle in adobo served over rice with cheese and sour cream.

Tuesday: An attempted curry containing kohlrabi, kohlrabi greens, and peas. Not my best effort. Having trouble getting the spice blend right these days.

Wednesday: I don’t remember but I think it involved a salad.

Still left from week 5: zucchini, kale, kohlrabi, kohlrabi greens, fennel.

What I Got Week 6:

White and red onions, cubanelle peppers, eggs, fennel, escarole, cabbage, green beans, squash, cucumbers.

This was extradoublesupershare week. A friend from work who has a share at the same farm is out of town so she offered her share to me. Seeing as we are out of the leafy green wilderness of the early weeks, I was happy to accept. We are right in the middle of the Stuff I Can Do Stuff With. Expect tales of many soups and pizzas next week.

As has become my wont, I’ve been taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

What I Did & What I Got #5

What I Did with Week 5:

In no particular order: several salads, potato and turnip gratin (still working off the turnips from a few weeks ago), various breakfasts and baked items with the eggs, pork roast with potatoes and sage, steamed peas for side dishes.

Still left from week 5: cabbage, kohlrabi, tat soi, some lettuce, 1 zucchini, some peas. Yikes. Time to cook all the things.

What I Got Week 6:

Green beans, potatoes, 2 peppers, 3 squash, kohlrabi, kale, 2 fennel bulbs, 2 heads of garlic.

ETA: I’ve been taking part in the CSA link party hosted by In Her Chucks. I lurve it. Tons of great ideas every week on what to do with your CSA bounty. You all should check it out.

What I Did & What I Got #4

What I Did With Week 4:

Thursday was a throw-stuff-in-a-pan-and-see-what-happens night. I fried some potatoes, then tossed in half a bunch of tat soi, poured 3 beaten eggs on top, added some cheese and tossed it in the oven till it got all brown & crispy.

Friday: traffic + food shopping + house guests = order pizza

Saturday was pasta with chicken sausage and swiss chard.

Sunday we had salmon with homemade dill butter (well, let’s call it homecombined, since I neither grew the dill nor churned the butter), steamed broccoli florets, and a salad with the broccoli stems and some of the turnips.

Monday  I had so. many. damn. greens. left. They had to be dealt with. I chopped and rinsed and dried the leaves from 6 heads of bok choy, 1/2 bunch of tat soi, and 1 bunch of beet greens. With a quart-size plastic bag of collards and kale I had already washed and chopped it came to about 3/4 of a large plastic cake container’s worth (I try to be exact with my measurements in case y’all want to replicate my methods). I fried up half a pound of turkey bacon (I’ve been buying the Real Thing lately so I thought it was time to watch the cholesterol again for a bit), removed it from the pan and added a diced onion. When the onion was cooked I added the greens a few handfuls at a time and let them wilt a bit (looking back, I think I should have let them wilt more). Then it was big baking dish time – I layered 1/2 the bacon, greens, 5 eggs beaten with fat-free half and half, the rest of the bacon, and some shredded cheese. Into the oven till the cheese got brown and bubbly. With sour cream & chive biscuits on the side. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday: Skipped the share. Made pasta.

Wednesday: I had a 1/2 lb of cooked chickpeas begging me to do something with them. I  mashed them and added parsley, chives, and scallions from the window boxes, 2 eggs from the share, some roasted garlic and a bit of flour. I made all that into cakes, then breaded and cooked in olive oil until crispy on the outside. Served with chilled roasted beets in vinaigrette.

Still left from week 4: bok choy stems on their way to being pickled, peas, 2 eggs, turnips. Actually I still have turnips from weeks 2-4. They are getting cooked somehow and frozen this weekend.

What I Got Week 5:

Eggs, potatoes (red, white & blue), 3 cucumbers, 4 squash, tat soi, 2 heads of lettuce, peas, escarole, cabbage, kohlrabi. I think this is my favorite week yet.

What I Did & What I Got #3

Oh, the week when the CSA share starts containing more things that aren’t leafy greens is a wonderful week indeed! But before I get to all that:

What I Did With Week 3:

My ability to remember what I’ve been cooking has left me this week. I do know there was kohlrabi curry, steamed collards & peas, various egg dishes and baked goods, various greens cooked up with white beans and feta and served over polenta with fresh herbs, and possibly other things which have slipped my mind.

Still left from week 3: bok choy, turnips, some collard greens & kale.

What I Got Week 4:

Peas, potatoes, tat soi, swiss chard, bok choy, turnips, beets, broccoli.

I have big plans for all of this. I need to get a lot of the greens chopped up and into some sort of quiche or baked dish, something that freezes well. We’re getting a bit greened out and I don’t want them to go to waste. I should do up a jar of pickled bok choy, too.

And what is happening with the yarns, you ask?

I’ve been working on Kristi quite a bit this week. I think Solemate may just be the perfect yarn to knit with in summer. I should get some pictures but all our rooms that don’t have someone sleeping in them right now have light bulbs that have burnt out and I don’t feel like going out on the porch at the moment. I promise an all-knitting-all-the-time post any day now.