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Again & Again

Drop-Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy color 311
Needles: 3.25 mm bamboo straights
Size: 6.75″ * 56″ before blocking; 4.5″ * 105″ after blocking (flared ends are 7.5″)
Mods: Cast on 36

This is the third finished project to come out of my experiment with monogamy. It may also be the last for now, since the Xmas knitting list contains a few pairs of socks, which I know from experience I just can’t work on non-stop for the time it takes to knit a whole pair. So, there will most likely be a sock in my purse and one other project for my special evening couch time.

I’ve actually been a bit surprised by how good this little experiment has made me feel about myself, though. It seems like such a small thing, but it’s made me more focused and made me feel like I knit much faster than I thought I did (maybe more than I do, it just usually takes me so long to finish things). It’s made me feel like the endless list of things I want to make is manageable. Most importantly, it’s made me confident that the next sweater I start (for me! my own design!) will not take me seven months.

Soon to come: Action shots of the drop-stitch scarf, and perhaps a tale of the dyeing odyssey I hope to undertake this weekend.

Somebody Get Me A Bier

I was planning on having a post about the drop-stitch scarf and how beautiful it is now that it’s done, maybe with some dramatic before and after blocking shots. But that’s because I was planning on having the drop-stitch scarf done today, which it is not.

Last night I was 3 pattern repeats from the end and feeling right on track to finish, give it a soak, and then have some fun pinning it out and seeing how much I could get it to grow lengthwise before bed. So my cat thought that would be a good time to jump up on the end table, knock my beer over, and spill a good portion of it right into the bottom drawer of my yarn organizer, sparing a bit for the basket holding my spindle and some fiber as well. At this point there was much yelling of curses and stomping of feet trying to get the cat out of the mess and searching-for of towels, and bed time came much sooner last night than I had been expecting.

Goals for today: Knit 3 repeats on the drop-stitch scarf, keep a better eye on my beer.

Once the drop-stitch scarf is done, I think it will be time to start the Xmas knitting! This year I’m going to try to knit for more people than usual – almost twice as many! But we have small families. I’ve never knit anything for Dan’s family, so I figured I’d add them into the rotation this year. I spent a bit of time last night (early, when the yarn drawers were still dry and alcohol free) shopping and I think I can do almost every present without buying yarn. I still need to double-check a few color choices to make sure they will be acceptable, but so far this is the plan:

  1. Dan’s mother: Fuzzy Feet (Patons Classic Wool Merino in…Paprika? Wheat Heather?)
  2. Dan’s father: Basic ribbed hat (Bernat Cashmere Blend in charcoal)
  3. Dan’s grandmother: 198 Yards of Heaven (Cascade 220 Heathers in a frosty sort of pale gray-purple)
  4. My mother: Turkish Bed Socks (Maizy, don’t know the color)
  5. My aunt: Basic top-down socks (Trekking XXL in 171, a nice fall-ish multi)
  6. My uncle: Ribbed scarf (Swish Bulky, undecided on color)
  7. My sister: Cloche (Gloss DK in Blackberry)
  8. Friend at work: Cowl/Headband (Patons Classic Wool Merino in jewel tones)

The Knitpicks yarns are the only 2 I have to buy. I think this is a very doable list, but I still need to start asap, since I know there will be distractions along the way. Like that damn cat.

Anyway. Before I post, I like to click proofread just to be safe, and I have to say this feature leaves a bit to be desired. I mean, I don’t really think I can blame it, it just seems like it tries too hard sometimes.

When I click “Explain…” it asks if I meant “an alcoholic beverage brewed from cereal grains” or “stand on for a coffin” and gives me a handy little lesson on homophones.

One-Project Woman

Seriously, how long can I keep this up? Could I actually start (gasp!) finishing things? Is this what happens when you don’t just start each day by pulling a new skein out of the yarn drawers and casting on a new project? Wow. I never knew.

September: Top down with heel flap. Mad Science Titanium, color Vampire Snax.

Damned Handsome Socks
None in particular.
Yarn: Mad Science Titanium in Vampire Snax (doesn’t look like anything’s for sale right now; I got mine in a trade)
Needles: 2 mm 5″ bamboo dpns (mostly bendy ones)
Details: My standard sock measurements for the leg – 58 sts, 2*2 ribbed cuff, knit 7″ before the heel flap. Modified the heel flap, foot and toe from my usual.

The heel: I shortened the heel flap a bit from what patterns I’ve used have called for, since heel flaps never really seem comfortable to me, always a little too big. Short-row heels fit alright, so I have used those for top-down socks, but I don’t really like how they look when I knit them. I’ve knit Wendy’s Fingering Weight, Toe Up Socks With Gusset Heel several times and experimented to find the perfect fit, so I know that toe-up I need 12 gusset increases to be just right. This time through, wanting to work top-down, I decided to try a heel flap with just 24 rows so I would pick up only 12 sts on either side for the gusset. (I also always start the heel turn sooner than patterns usually call for when I do a sock with a gusset. I knit just 1 past center instead of 2 or 3. When I do 2 or 3 I get little bubbles on either side of my heel when I wear the socks.)

The foot and toe: I’ve made so many pairs of socks this year that I can just about knit myself a pair that fits perfectly without trying it on. This yarn gave me a bit of trouble, though, which I’ve discussed before. I usually knit the foot to 6″ before starting the toe (or heel, if I’m working toe-up) but I had to knit to 7″ on these. The toe kept coming out too short, as well, so I did 2 plain rounds between decrease rounds.

All fiddling was totally worth it, as these are the best looking, best fitting socks I’ve made in a while.

Since finishing these, I’ve picked up the Drop-Stitch scarf in Araucania Ranco Multy again. No progress shots, since it’s just the same pattern over and over until I run out of yarn. I weighed the skein last night and I have about 42 g to go. I’m expecting this to grow quite a bit with blocking, but I still want a long scarf I can wrap around my neck a few times, so I think I’m going to knit until the yarn is gone. My hands are getting a bit tired from three projects in a row  on small needles, so after I finish this, I think it’ll be back to the bath mat on 6.5 mm or the Oceania shawl on 5.5 mm for a little rest.

State Of The Projects

    • Giant-Size Man-Sweater: Still in need of slip-stitch crochet to hide the gap in the seam. My wrist starts to hurt when I think about crochet, so this is still languishing.
    • Baktus, 2 hats, headband for a friend, Anhinga, Toasty, Laminaria: Totally still working on these. I swear.
    • Life-Long Blanket: All sock minis and leftovers collected in one place but no more squares added. Trying not to work on this until some other stuff is cleared out, since this doesn’t have a deadline and plenty of other stuff does.
    • September Socks: Damned handsome. Not sure they’ll be done by the end of the month, but since my August socks were really my mid-August to mid-September socks, I figure I have an extra few weeks and might just have to make some ankle socks or slippers later in the year to make my quota.  This first sock really should be done by now, though. I’m about to knit the toe for the third time. I’ve made enough pairs of socks for myself at this point that I have my basic sock measurements & techniques settled, mostly cobbled together from several different patterns. On this particular sock, though, my standard foot measurement before starting the toe just didn’t cut it. My first toe, checked just before kitchenering, wouldn’t have stretched enough to accommodate my real toes, so I ripped back to the first decrease. I planned to do 2 plain rounds between decreases, but after 4 decreases it was still nowhere near as long as it should be. So, the toe came out completely and I’m putting in another half-inch or so before decreasing this time. I think the yarn is the reason the foot was too short. This is Mad Science Titanium. I don’t know if it’s that it’s an 8-ply yarn (don’t think I’ve used an 8-ply sock yarn before) but it’s definitely thicker than the sock yarns I usually use. Using my 2 mm needles over 56 stitches, like just about every other sock I’ve made for myself, I’m getting a much denser fabric. (Which I love, by the way. This yarn is so squishy and makes such a, well, damned handsome sock that I’m already dreaming of a cardigan made from this stuff.) So, I’m thinking maybe it doesn’t stretch as much as my other socks have, because the yarn is thicker or the fabric is tighter. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m assuming it’s the yarn that’s making my stand-by sock pattern not quite work this time since I did everything else the same. Once I get this damn toe figured out, though, I’m pretty sure I’ll have my new favorite socks.


  • Drop-Stitch Scarf: A few rows when I can get to it. Not a deadline project, so it’s just something pretty I can pull out when I need cheering up.
  • Baby Cardigan & Mary-Janes: Past the yoke on the stripey baby cardigan. A few inches into the body. Lots of stockinette in 2-row stripes to get through. Thinking of finishing with ties instead of a button. Not sure yet. Started a pair mary-janes to go with last night. I’m the last person on the planet to find anything baby-related charming, but I still think these might be the cutest damn socks ever invented.
  • Baby Jean Jacket & Converse: Haven’t started the shoes yet. Back is finished up to putting the neck stitches on holders. Left front just about done.
  • July Socks: Best not discussed. I’ll get around to them eventually.
  • Shawl: Another project to pick up for a few rows here and there. No rush. The giant skein of Oceania ended up on my paper towel holder, which was the only thing in the house I could find big enough to hold it and stay in one place while I knit.
  • Cowl: Just cast on for this the other night. I cast on for Scrunchable, did the first 8 rounds in garter stitch, then tried those 8*8 cables. And decided after 2 that they were not happening. They look awfully pretty in the finished object, but I don’t think I have the patience for them right now. I took out that row, kept the garter band at the beginning, and am improvising a sort of widening garter stitch pattern, putting one more knit round before each purl ridge until I’m in the middle, then one fewer knit round between the ridges, then I’ll finish with 8 rounds of garter and hope it fits. Made to match the pretty cabley hat, which is done (except for weaving in & blocking, but that doesn’t really count).

Knotty Hat

Pattern: Knotty but Nice
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Grey Mix
Needles: Plastic 16″ 4 mm circular. Went down a size from what the pattern called for to make a smaller size for me.
Changes made: Unintentional, I assure you. I miscrossed every cable in the row that lets the 5 individual cables finally cross over into each other. So, they’re not all as nice and entwined-like as they should be. I didn’t notice this until I was doing the crown decreases, however, so they shall stay the way they are.

And that is everything Ravelry tells me I still have in progress. Hardly seems like enough.

Lots To Get Done

A state-of-the-projects update:

The July socks have stalled. I won’t see the friend they’re for for a while anyway, so I’m just picking away at them when I get the chance. The August socks haven’t begun, because they’re being made for a trade on Ravelry & I haven’t received the supplies to make them yet. They’ll be stripey Jaywalkers & I’m getting sock minis in trade for the Life-Long Blanket! The September socks are calling my name but I must. not. start them.

The Life-Long Blanket – have I told you about this one? Mitered squares of sock yarn following Shelly Kang’s pattern. It started here…

Big Bad Blankie

…and is now 11 squares wide. I think I’ll go for 20 squares wide. I like my blankets big, so this will take a while, but it’s so easy to get on a roll with those little squares. I’ll sit down for a few minutes & do at least 2 easily.

The drop-stitch scarf has not progressed much but is still so damn beautiful I’m going to show it to you again.

It's like seashells and beaches and waves.

It’s like seashells and beaches and waves.

I really need to work on this some more.

There is a new project on the needles: a stripey baby sweater (the Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi).

Little Sweater

2 of my work friends are due to give birth in the next few months. I’m glad baby stuff is quick to knit & can be made out of sock yarn. More leftovers for the blanket!

The Giant-Size Man-Sweater is going to fit! I’m partway into the shoulder shaping, just far enough that Dan could try it on the other day. It looks like it’s going to be perfect. I’m so relieved.

The Anhinga sleeve/gauge swatch has been sitting in the basket about 2 rows in for months. And then I got all that Noro Kureyon to make the Hacky Sack Hoodie, which seems way easier, and…we’ll see when the next sweater for me happens.

As for all the stuff I was working on in my last post, I’m still working on it. I’ve added “trying not to get stressed out by not doing these things when I think I should” to the end of the list as well. Tonight, for example, I skipped yoga class & came home because I wanted to give myself a chance to just be by myself, puttering around, doing nothing if I didn’t feel like it. Sort of a moving meditation, I guess. No one to talk to (OK, I talk to the cat sometimes), just settling into my own head & trying to be comfortable there for a few hours. And it’s not so bad so far.

The Time It Takes To Have 3 Wisdom Teeth Pulled

May Socks for My Sister

About that long. Took my husband in to have his wisdom teeth out today and now I’m looking forward to a weekend of lounging, milkshake-making, and knitting.

Well. Maybe “looking forward to” is the wrong expression, but. You know. A long holiday weekend of ice cream and knitting and hanging out on the couch with your husband can’t be all bad, no matter the reason, right?

There may also be some of this, if it looks like I’m on schedule to finish that second sock up there (have to finish before Tuesday if I want to keep my pair-a-month commitment):

It's like seashells and beaches and waves.

It’s like seashells and beaches and waves.

That’s Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel (Ravelry link) and you should make one in some fabulous yarn you want to show off, but I warn you: This is one of those patterns that has you saying, “Just one more repeat. OK, maybe one more, but then I’ll stop,” and then it’s midnight and you don’t care if you have to work the next day.

In other yarn-related news, I got these awesome little stitch markers in a Ravelry trade the other day:

I mean come on. They're hanging from their little hats.

I mean come on. They’re hanging from their little hats.

Knitting 8 Things At Once But Maybe Only Sometimes Finishing

Or: I’m A Process Knitter, Not A Product Knitter

Yes. So. About being a process knitter. Here are my current projects (and, of course, by “current” I only mean these are the ones I consider active right now; this isn’t actually every unfinished project I have lying around):

  1. The Giant-Size Man-Sweater for Dan: Happy to say this is coming along beautifully. I have the body up to where the sleeves are joined, and I’m 2-at-a-time magic looping the sleeves (my second socks always come out a slightly different size; that’s ok for socks, not so much for sleeves). Bulky yarn+5.5 mm needles+setting aside Sundays to knit for other people=shiny new sweater in a week or two. (Please don’t mention how he doesn’t need a bulky sweater in June. If I don’t knit bulky wooly things in summer, then I never have them when I really need them.)
  2. Anhinga: Oh, how I love this sweater and really really hope it fits me. All the pattern notes in this book about the model being 5’8″ and a size 2 aren’t helping me figure out how it’s going to fit me. I’m picturing a sweater around my knees and sleeves past my knuckles. I actually like sleeves past my knuckles. But I digress. I’ve made myself 2 sweaters in the past, both from easy raglan patterns and I did it mostly for the practice, not really caring how they fit, just that I made a sweater. This one I would like to be awesome, so I’m doing ALL the steps. I have the barest little beginnings of a gauge swatch and I’m sitting rapt in front of this series over at stash, knit, repeat. My husband’s taking my picture, I’m drawing things on graph paper. This sweater is going to fit.
  3. May socks: I’m knitting a pair a month this year. For May I’m making my sister’s birthday socks. Knit Picks Imagination, 2.5 mm needles, Yarn Harlot’s standard sock recipe. Haven’t started the second one, but I have a long weekend and I expect to finish in plenty of time.
  4. 2 scarves: A Baktus in an unknown KPPPM colorway (got it without ball bands) which I am calling peachybuttercarrotbloodoranges. And a pretty little drop-stitch deal in my first ever skein of Araucania Ranco Multy. I thought it was just too pretty for socks at first, but working this pattern, feeling the yarn-overs smooshed up tightly on the needles, I’m imagining a remarkably sturdy and unspeakably pretty pair of socks and now can’t wait to get more of this stuff.
  5. My knit night hat: Easy ribbing, slouchy, Lion Brand Wool-Ease in a blue that’ll go with everything. No rush on this one, playing with it once a week or so.

Hrm. That wasn’t 8 things. I probably need to cast on something new. Oh, wait, no: Got some multi-colored merino on the drop spindle, too.