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Helper Kitty

I think Zoe was sad I didn’t get to include a white stripe in my yarn like I wanted to so she thought she’d add one for me.

She’s so good to me.

This stuff’s been drying for several days, actually dry for most of them, but I just got around to skeining it this morning. Turned my hands bright pink, so I don’t know whether I’ll be making those Jaywalkers any time soon after all. It is resting in a freezer bag in the sock yarn drawer until I formulate a plan. But it sure is lovely.

The first of the birthday yarn knee socks is up to the ribbing. Ribbing stretches way more around a calf than an ankle, huh? I keep knitting and knitting until the ribbing looks ridiculously long, only to try the sock on and see about 2/3 the height I had disappear. But I will get there. I just have to be strong.

I also really want to finish up the bath mat, but visions of the next sweater are starting to dance. There may at least be a gauge swatch in my near future.

Big Blue Blob

I’m enjoying my time until I have to start my next sweater by catching up on some unfinished projects.

This has been my main project this week. Eventually it should be a squishy, soft, and I hope not slippery bath mat. Right now it’s a giant pile of detail obscuring, dark blue cotton I can only manage to knit around 6 or so times in an evening before I give up. Maybe another week and this will be done.

The toe I was reluctant to discuss in this post is now a toe, foot, and heel.

This is my birthday present yarn from last year, Socks That Rock mill ends in a purpley greeny blue, on its way to becoming knee socks. I have two skeins and I’m working from the smaller one first, knitting toe-up to get the tallest socks I can. I love this yarn. It is so delicious. I need more of this yarn, just spread around the house in convenient squeezing locations.

Dan & I did a bit more dyeing today as well. Our methods aren’t terribly slick yet, sadly. We’ve tried this twice and neither yarn has come out like we thought it would. Today we were going for light pink, dark pink, white, & black stripes. The black turned very purple (and we were rinsing green out of it for about 20 minutes), the dark pink went sort of brown, and the light pink has bright orange polka dots. We skipped the white section entirely because I put the wrong stretch of yarn in the jar with the black dye so there really wasn’t much choice if we still wanted stripes. I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but it’s growing on me as it dries.