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Sweater Surgery

Owls was my first sweater of the year. of. sweaters. It’s the third sweater I’ve made for myself but the first I’ve worn regularly. I was thrilled with how it turned out, except for one detail.

It went like this: put the sweater on, give the neckline a little tug and try to smoosh it into place, the neckline just wouldn’t stay. I ended up doing the tug-n-smoosh every time I moved. I don’t really like a loose neckline and I felt what I had looked a little sloppy. I wanted to be really, really proud of and 100% thrilled with my sweater. I knew something needed to be done.

Step 1: Pick up stitches just before the ribbing.

Step 2: Find the end and unravel. Always a scary step, but putting the needle in before you start helps you feel a little safer.

Step 3: As the pattern has a decrease round just before the ribbing starts, I knit one round plain and decreased 8 stitches evenly across the next round 5 more times. This stacked the decreases neatly like the crown of a hat and I felt the swirly effect went well with the circular yoke construction.

Step 4: Go down 2 needle sizes, instead of the 1 called for in the pattern, and knit 2 inches of 2*2 ribbing as directed. Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

Step 5: Wear with pride.

I am really, really proud of and 100% thrilled with my sweater.

In One Weekend

So, I just knit a sweater in a weekend. Oh, for totally. Yes, I did.



Pattern: owls by Kate Davies
Cascade Ecological Wool, color 8061 (brown with a hint of gray)
6 & 6.5 mm (US 10 & 10.5) – the size called for, for once
3 (36″)

I cast on Friday night, I had the body done before noon Saturday, I had the second sleeve started before I went to bed Saturday, and the whole thing done before dinner tonight. I’m not weaving ends in yet because I’m expecting this to grow a bit after washing and I may need to make adjustments. But I’m way happy with this as it is. The pattern is well-written and the yarn is great to work with. I love the 250 g skeins Cascade Eco comes in; I got the body, one whole sleeve, and the second sleeve up to the last decrease out of one skein. I still have 155 g left. I’m hoping I have enough left after I make the Drops 103 jacket to squeeze out a striped sweater with the leftovers from both.

So, my Year. Of. Sweaters. is more than on track – I don’t even need to start the next one until March 1. It is tempting to cast on for the next sweater right away, but I have a basket full of unfinished work calling my name, so I’m going to clear some of that out first. And I need to hunt down appropriate buttons for the owl eyes. I think I’ll go with the eyes-on-only-one-owl approach. Maybe on one shoulder? Of course, they’re plenty cute just the way they are.