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Decidedly Not Exciting

I will tell you the reason I haven’t posted in almost a week. Usually it’s just because things are too busy or engaging in my life at the time, but this week there’s no other excuse but snore-inducing knitting progress. I mean seriously, look at this:

The drink is not hindering my progress at all. It's really just there for a little distraction from all that blue.

Does any of this look exciting?  You may be thinking (clockwise from just right of the martini glass), “Yawn, a sixth of a Citron? A sock toe? A thus-far-shapeless Francis Revisited and something stripey that doesn’t look like much yet?” and I may agree. That picture doesn’t look like much and you would be forgiven for thinking I’ve been slacking (and drinking). But honestly? I’ve been knitting every night for at least an hour, and still this is the general state of the Randipants corner of the living room:

However. I am feeling a strong – STRONG, I tell you – urge to start Farscape over these days (we have the whole series on DVD and the movie and the comic books, so I can always get my Aeryn fix when I need it). If the Dan is feeling the same way, I suspect you may see serious progress on at least one of those items by next weekend.

Only You & You Alone

I’ve been toying with project monogamy this week, after a particularly wanton weekend wherein I neither finished nor made progress on any current projects but did cast on for two (COUNT THEM!) new ones. Sunday I decided I just could not sit by any longer while this Koigu I got in a trade a few months back needed to be made into some awesome stripey something.

koigu cakes

So, Sunday I started me some fingerless mitts. And finished them tonight. And worked on nothing else in between. It’s like some kind of milestone, here, folks.

stripey somethings

Pattern: Long Striped Hand Warmers by the purl bee
Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino in 3 unknown colorways (don’t know where those ballbands went)
Needles: 3.25 mm 40″ Knitpicks Harmony circs
Mods: Did not use a smaller size for the ribbing. Cast on 40 sts, knit the arm & palm on 40. Did 7 increase rounds for the thumb gusset, then 3 rounds plain before separating the thumb sts (mostly just ’cause I didn’t plan my increases well enough). Decreased to 30 before the ribbing on the palm.

They still need a good soak-and-block, but I luuurve them.

Now let’s see if I can keep this monogamy thing up long enough to finish the Damned Handsome Socks.