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My Little Secret

I have a story to tell you. It’s a story I haven’t been telling you for a little while now. The sort of story you have to wait a few months to know for sure whether you can tell it.

While I haven’t been telling you this story, I have been thinking about it a lot. It’s been like a little secret, growing inside me until the day it was ready to be shared with the world. It’s only appropriate I should think about it so much because it does represent an important, permanent change in our lives.

For three months now I’ve been waiting for today, waiting to have one final test to know for sure. The results are in. I’m sure.

My Essure implants were a success! I'm sterile!

My Essure implants were a success! I’m sterile!

Those of you who know me and Dan personally know how badly we’ve always wanted never to have children. To know that it’s finally a reality, to look at this image and think about the wonderful things our future might bring, to realize our family is truly complete now–well, it’s a feeling I can’t easily describe. I know the coming months will be an exciting time for us both as the reality of this whole thing dawns on us and we move into the next phase of our lives.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this news with you. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating this joyous event.

It'll never be a girl! Or a boy!

It’ll never be a girl! Or a boy!

My Recent Yarn Frustrations Expressed in Song Lyrics

in my dream I will remember you lovingly

oh but in real life this is not over

I don’t know what to do…’cos I still believe
After all the foolish things you put me through
I could always make a start on something new
And I’ve always been a man who’s open to

If I needed you
Would you come to me
Would you come to me
And ease my pain



It Stayed Up All Night!

Yep. Wore the first birthday yarn knee sock while I puttered around the house last night making dinner and such. Wanted to see if any adjustments needed to be made before I went and made another one. And, oh, it fits and stays put so perfectly that I kinda sorta totally need the second one finished right now so I can wear these allthetimeeveryday. Of course, I have to actually start the second one before I can finish it. Life is cruel that way.

Anyway. What was that I said about really wanting to finish my bath mat? Funny how one’s priorities can change from day to day.