Sundays Are For Self-Medicating

I have been out of commission all week. No progress was made on the Giant-Size Man-Sweater this past Sunday, as I woke up at 3 with a screaming horror of a migraine. It kept going away, turning around & coming right back until Monday night. It took a total of about 3 Imitrex, 6 or 8 Aleve, & a Zyrtec to finally beat it back far enough that I could sit up for a whole day. Consequently, knitting was slow the first half of the week. A few rows on a garter stitch scarf were about all I managed.

I’ve made up for it a bit since & finished the first of my July socks.

Why so big, Leyburn? Why?

That’s a Leyburn in some DIC Smooshy in Spring Tickle. This is absolutely the softest, squishiest skein of Smooshy I’ve worked with yet, & the colors are perfect – just varied enough to add interest, but not so different from each other that they distract from the pattern. The slipped-stitch pattern is easy to memorize, & I’m completely in love with this sock. There’s just the tiny little problem with it being way too big for me. I think I trust my math to size down, but it’s already halfway through the month, & do I really want to start all over? No, I really don’t. I have a friend they’ll fit, & if they don’t I’m sure I have another friend they will.

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