The Results Are In

One of my favorite things about yarn, one of those things that just fascinates me to no end, when it comes to color specifically, is the difference from how it looks in the skein…

…to how it looks caked…

…to, finally, how it looks knitted up.

I wasn't going to start these socks until after the Xmas knitting was done, but once I started writing this post I just had to see the stripes.

And that’s not even taking into account how fun it is to watch the colors zip by when you wind the cake off the swift (a sublime pleasure which I graciously allowed my husband with this particular skein).

This yarn is a sport weight 100% cormo wool I bought at NH Sheep & Wool in May. Maybe not the best choice for socks – I feel like if I pull from the center of this cake, the socks will be felted before they’re knit – but I’m aiming for cushy, warm slipper socks. I’m working on 2.5 mm needles for a nice, sturdy fabric. They should go quickly, but I must finish another Xmas present or two before coming back to these.

I think I might be a bit hooked on the dyeing thing. I find myself thinking wistfully of Wilton cake dyes and canning jars while I should really be doing other, more productive things. This is why I resisted dyeing and spinning for so long – with the amount of free time I have right now, one hobby always gets neglected. (Just ask my cello, or my City of Heroes subscription.) But then, there are those skeins of Knit Picks Bare I’ve picked up recently, and of course this:

The random number generator gods smiled upon me over at The Evolving Sock Knitter and this is what I won. A book on natural dyes and a skein of KP Bare sock yarn to play around with. Oh, the plans being made in my head. And I do have that vacation coming up at the end of the year.

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