The State Of Things

A typical evening around here looks pretty much like this:

And you should see the dining room table.

And you should see the dining room table.

Dinner (with a glass of wine) consumed while curled up on the couch (husband eating on the floor by the couch propped up on one elbow like someone should be feeding him grapes).

Whatever season of Friends we’re currently making our way through (substituting Farscape, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Alias, MST3K as appropriate).

Whichever of my many dozen projects I feel like fussing with and as many knitting supplies within arm’s reach as possible to minimize getting up and searching.

Francisco (my Kindle) or whatever my most recent bookmooch acquisitions happen to be in case I get tired of knitting (or more likely want to knit and read at the same time; can’t ever just do one thing). Lately I’m scooping up all the Inspector Lynleys and Spensers I come across.

This weekend, I’m trying to add relaxing into the mix as well. I suppose it’s odd that I have to plan and promise myself and practice to relax, but there you have it. I have a million things I want to do, I know I don’t have enough time to do them, but I still want them all done yesterday. I work full time. I teach yoga on the weekends. I have more hobbies than my free time can really support. So, when I truly have a day off – a day where I have no legitimate reason to leave the house and nothing in the house that legitimately needs to be done, I try to find some time to practice relaxing. Sometimes I make myself take a nap whether I’m really sleepy or not, sometimes I promise myself I’ll stay in bed for an hour after I wake up, sometimes I set aside some space for a little restorative yoga practice. Now, I’m not always good at it – today is one of those really truly days off and I’ve still done 2 rounds of dishes and a load of laundry – but I’m starting to recognize the value in doing nothing. Or I guess I mean doing the things that aren’t required of me by anybody else. If I run a bath and spend an hour in there reading a murder mystery, I’ve certainly done something, but it’s something that didn’t pay a bill or get the trash emptied or some project that’s due at work done on time. Basically, I spend an awful lot of time worrying about and planning for my future – doing everything I need to now so that in, say, 5 years, I’ll be out of debt/self-employed/living in Sweden/whatever – that I do an absolutely unacceptable job of taking care of myself now.

So, I made my little bit of progress for today. Long, hot bath with murder mystery: accomplished. Second glass of wine because I don’t need to be at the office tomorrow: check. It’s not great yet. But I’m getting there.

2 thoughts on “The State Of Things

  1. “I have more hobbies than my free time can really support.” — Yes! I can relate to this! I’m trying to get off the computer more to do some real relaxing, but you see how well I’m doing with that! 😉

  2. Sometimes the computer is the only way I get relaxing time! An hour lost on Ravelry just clicking clicking clicking usually makes sure I don’t do anything else productive. Although it does usually add a lot to my queue & yarn shopping list, thus making more projects I won’t have time for in the future.

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